Sunday, September 14, 2014

My First Step Into the World of Subscription Boxes (Memebox)

Hey Beauties!

        Yeah yeah, I know I'm super late on this whole subscription boxes thing but honestly I've just been holding it off. I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy boxes of unknown goodies, what if I don't like them, what if I hate them? I have a love hate relationship with surprises. It's always great to get something you are not expecting but what if it's a bad surprise? Especially if I'm paying for it. The only surprise box like service I've participated in the past year is Influenster. But that's an unpaid service so I don't feel as sad if I receive something I dislike.

         Anyways, I've been following the subscription box trend for the past 2 years. There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there and hundreds more popping up every year. It's hard to narrow it down to the ones we know are legit, offer good quality products for its price, and it's consistent with its product offerings. I've seen plenty of reviews of popular subscription boxes like Barkbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm, and many more. Often times there will be hits and misses. Evens those $100 Popsugar must have boxes have its misses sometimes. The potential misses were some of the reasons why I kept myself from purchasing subscription boxes. That and the fact that I know if I start 1 subscription, I'm going to start 20 more. But I've come to the conclusion that you can't have a perfect everything and you are not going to know how you feel about a subscription until you've tried it. Plus it seems kind of fun to be kept on your toes. So I began my little search for my first ever subscription box.

          A couple of months ago I came across a box company that focuses on Korean beauty products call Memebox. (Pronounced "Mi-mi box") It's a non-subscription box program where new boxes come out weekly or bi-weekly and you can choose which themed box you want to purchase. They won't tell you what items are inside, so it's still a mystery but you will at least know the general theme. For some boxes they will have spoilers of 1 or 2 items contained in it. These peaked my interest right away and I looked at hundreds of reviews and unboxing videos. I love Asian beauty products and I haven't seen any subscription boxes that focus on Asian beauty, so I was excited. Plus these are non-subscription boxes so I can choose which month I want to purchase a box and which month I don't. These boxes are shipped directly from South Korea with some exception of re-stocked boxes which are shipped from their company in the US. The boxes generally look like the image below, with the exceptions of their collaboration boxes which will be tailored to those themes.
Memebox's signature pink boxes.

         Memebox have 3 types of boxes, their Regular Memebox, their Superbox, and sometimes their Lucky Box. Regular Memebox generally cost between $18 -$30 not including shipping. It contains 4 to 7 full size products and deluxe samples which range anywhere from makeup and skin care to hair care and body care. Superbox is similar to the regular memebox except it only contains full sized items. It can costs between $30 -$80 not including shipping, but most Superbox generally cost between $30-$40. Lastly, Lucky Box contains past favorite beauty products featured in previous Memeboxes. Costing between $20 - $30 not including shipping. There are 2 types of shipping which are standard shipping (10-20 business days) and express shipping (3-7 business days). Standard shipping cost $6.99 and expressing shipping cost $25.99. They ship globally and they offer tracking number for both standard shipping and express shipping.

       I ended up ordering 3 boxes on my first order. See, I told you, once I start I don't want to stop! Anyone else have this problem? The boxes I ordered are the Jackpot Box, the Snow White box and the Sleeping Beauty box. I've already received the Jackpot Box and my first impression post will be up soon! The snow White and Sleeping Beauty boxes are not due to ship out until October. I don't want to wait but it just makes me more excited for them. While these 3 are already sold out there are plenty more on Memebox that you can choose from. I'm currently trying to pick 2 or 3 between a couple of their choices.

       I have an $5 off and $10 off affiliate link here for my readers. By clicking on this link, you'll be able to receive either $5 off of a purchase of $100 and more or $10 off of a purchase of $150 and more. This link is great because it will save you room for a coupon code which can be found under the Memebox tab on my blog. *Edit: As of early 2017, Memebox is no longer selling beauty products on their site.*

       So there you have it. My first step into the world of subscription boxes. I would love to hear suggestions from you guys on some good boxes I should try. And check out Memebox, you might just fall in love like I did.

Until next time!

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