Thursday, October 23, 2014

Innisfree Haul

Innisfree opened their global website recently and I just had to get an order in. I love, LOVE Innisfree products because of their use of natural ingredients, plus I've never gotten an item from them that I did not like. Now that's saying something for a brand. I was excited about the launch of their website for a couple of reasons. One, is that I can finally order all my Innisfree goodies from one place instead of 3 or 4 different places since most stores doesn't carry every product that I want. Two, is that Innisfree was having some pretty awesome promotional deals, such as the buy 10 masks get 10 masks free deal, the special sets deal, and the get 1 give 1 deal. Lastly, I was running out of my favorite Jeju volcanic clay mask and I just had to get another.

Innisfree box

If you want to see what I got in my haul as well as reviews on them, click read more! P.S. I was so happy that my box wasn't squished or anything since that happens quite often with global shipping.

Innisfree haul goodies

I know, I bought quite a bit of stuff. Not as much as I would have liked, yes I wanted more~, but the shipping cost would have been too expensive. I limited my order's weight to just below 1.5kg so I can get the max K-packet shipping of $17.7. Even that is a little bit much in my opinion. Hopefully in the future Innisfree will make their shipping free~ The K-packet shipping takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, slower than their EMS option but much, MUCH cheaper. Although, if your order is over 1.5kg, your only option is to use EMS. P.S. they offer some very generous samples, you can see them on the left of the picture and more details on them at the end of the post.

Jeju Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask special sets (2 of them)

I bought 2 of their Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Special Sets. Sheesh, that's a long name. The set contains 3 items, which are the Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask, the Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam, and the Jeju volcanic pore toner. The clay mask is a 6 in 1 pore care clay mask that contains super Jeju volcanic cluster capsules, which is used to effectively absorb sebum and resolve pore concerns.

I've gotten their regular Jeju volcanic mask before as a Christmas gift and loved it so much. The Super Jeju volcanic mask is suppose to contain 2 times the Jeju volcanic ingredients than the regular Jeju volcanic mask. I will do a separate review post on this product, so look out for it!

Skinny Microcara
I've never bought makeup products from Innisfree before but since I've heard so many good things about this Skinny Microcara, I just had to get it and try it. This mascara has got the tiniest wand I've ever seen. Like really, no bigger than a toothpick (wand is 2.5 mm in diameter). I was so afraid that I would break it or something, but it is rather durable. I use it for my upper and lower lashes and it really work wonders. It's got airlight powder and fiber ingredients that help curl up every hidden lash and make them look fuller and longer. The only down side is that this product is not waterproof. Although they do have a waterproof version, the global website is not offering it.

variety of Sheet Masks

This entire haul was really focused on masks. Clay masks, sheet masks, yeah I really love masks lol. Since Innisfree was having a promotional deal on their masks, I just had to grab some. So here's the 20 sheet masks I bought. What I love about their sheet masks is that they all contain Jeju green complex. Which consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camelia leaves, and orchid ingredients to keep the skin healthy. It also uses the triple layered sheet system to create a long lasting moisturizing effect on the skin, so it can properly absorb the essence and allow the essence to nourish the skin.

green tea, bamboo, kiwi, mugwort sheet masks Aloe, Strawberry, Bija sheet masks

The Strawberry, Aloe, and Green Tea masks were my safety masks since I've used them before and know that I like them. The Bija, Mugwort, Kiwi and Bamboo masks were the ones I was most curious about. Since I've never tried these mask ingredients before, not even in other brands of masks.

tea tree, shea butter, rose sheet masksmanuka honey, pomegranate, black berry sheet masks

Tea Tree, Rose, Manuka Honey, Pomegranate, and Black Berry masks are ingredients I have tried before in other brands. As for the Shea Butter mask, I don't really know what I was thinking when I got it lol. I'm not excited or curious about it, but I might have gotten it because I've never tried it anywhere else.

Lastly, the FREE 8 solutions kit. It comes with the offer Get 1 Give 1. Which allows you to get a free solutions kit and also gift 1 for your friend when you make a purchase over $50. This is really like a big packet of samples. I got the Jeju Bija Kit which includes a 10ml sample of Jeju Bija anti-trouble skin toner, a 10ml sample of Jeju Bija anti-trouble lotion, 2 samples each of R/W Jeju Bija anti-trouble spot essence, and one It's real Squeeze Bija mask. The large samples also come with caps, so the samples can be kept fresh.

You can also get generous free samples ranging from 5ml to 10ml of their top selling lotions, serums, toners, and masks.

Overall, I'm really happy with this haul, there isn't an item in here that I don't like and I've got quite a great deal of stuff for the amount of money I spent. Will probably do another haul from them in the future!

What's your favorite Innisfree Product?
Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time, dream big~


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  1. Nice haul! I really love their masks. I tried out their skin solutions hydrating mask from my haul last night and it was really fantastic! #kbeautybloghop


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