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Review: ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss

ellegirl I say tint you say gloss

Lip products was once a rare thing in my makeup collection. I had a bunch lip balms but just a few lipsticks/lip gloss. However, it all changed when I came across a video on gradient lips. I instantly fell in love with the way it looked and wanted to try all the options. Since then, my lip product collection has grown and I'm always on the lookout for something new. One of my current favorite lip gloss/tints have to be this one by ElleGirl. When I first got this in my Get K-Beauty Box I thought the color would be too bold for my liking. However, after playing around with it for a couple of days, I start to love it more and more. I got this ElleGirl I say Tint You Say Gloss product in my Get K-Beauty Box ($40) which I purchased back in September of this year. Read on to see my thoughts and ratings on this product.


ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss
10ml, 03 Rock Berry, $15?

The perfect product with the perfect combined function of lip tint and lip gloss that starts off as a gloss than transitions into a lip tint. 03 Rock Berry is like a cranberry red color that's perfect for this winter. I put $15 with a ? because the Get K-Beauty pamphlet didn't tell me how much this product cost. While searching online I found the price range between $12 - $18, so I put $15 as a in between. To apply, simply take a small amount of the product on the gloss wand and softly dab it onto your lips.
ElleGirl I say tint you say gloss

My Rating: ❤ ❤   

It was not love at first sight, however, I love it now, more than most of my other lipsticks/glosses. Why? Because the ElleGirl Tint/Gloss have that perfect combo of gloss/tint and I can use it to create so many looks with just this one product! It all depends on how much or how little of the product you use and how you layer it. It's also quite moisturizing as well. Swatch below. I also love the smell of this product because it smells like sweet pastries, the scent is light and not overwhelming. It lasts all day with no touch ups needed! I did a couple of 12 hour tests, with a couple of different looks created by this lip tint/gloss and all of them passed with flying colors. So this has become a staple beauty product for me.
I'm a minimalist when it comes work makeup (events, parties, day out with the girls, etc. is another story ^^), so I want to add a bit of color on my lips without it screaming bold. I would use my lip balm first, because I can't go anywhere without it. Then, I'd apply the ElleGirl after. I use the gloss wand to dab a few times on my lips and use my finger to pat and blend it. It comes out as a light cranberry red, which is perfect for work days. When I have a bit more time, I'd do the gradient lip look because I love it a lot.
the well inside the tubeproduct packaging top

The packaging of this lip product is different than many others I have. It's also another reason why I love this product. It's top is so secure, that I know it won't become loose in my purse. Plus it's got a well like opening, so it catches the excess product that comes out and doesn't make a sticky mess (as you can see on the pictures above).

P.S. since it blends so well, it can double as a blush on days when you forget your blusher at home.

Final Thoughts:

Would I buy this product in the future? Yes! I love the ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss lots and want to try the other colors. It smells good, it's easy to use and can be used to create multiple looks. It was my first tint/gloss combo and I'm so happy I got it! I would recommend this product to everyone!

Until next time, dream big!



  1. Thanks for the review on this product! I got this in a early Global Memebox and I haven't pulled it out to use it since I got it. I think it's time to get reacquainted with it! ;) #kbeautybloghop

    1. Yes! Hope you fall in love with it like I am!

  2. I got this in a Memebox (I forget which #) and it is seriously one of my favorite tints now. I am amazed at how long it lasts without settling weirdly into the lines on my lips - definitely a great find! I think there's at least one other shade but I'm not sure where to obtain theme without paying crazy shipping costs... #kbeautybloghop

    1. I know right? I love it's longlastingness (haha if that isn't a word, it is now). I think there are 5 colors total and it was featured in Get It Beauty Self. The only place I've seen that sells it is Qoo10, but I've never ordered anything from that site before.

  3. The packaging on this is cute! It looks like a great product. I've added it to my "I want to buy that" list provided I can get it without paying through the teeth.

    1. I've only seen one place that sells it and it's on Qoo10, but it's not cheap. I got mine in the Get K-beauty box so i feel lucky. Maybe someone else who also got the Get K-Beauty box could have it on their swap/sell board?

  4. I really adore the gloss/tint combo as well. What a gorgeous color! Also, props on your delicious backdrop ;) #kbeautybloghop

    1. Thanks! I love sweets, and those Ferrero Rocher are one of my favorites!


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