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What Is Memebox?

**This post was updated twice to reflect the changes Memebox has made over the years.**

**Well, its as if Memebox has turned a 180 and changed themselves completely. They are no longer a shop, as they no longer sell products themselves. Disappointing, considering a lot of people (like us) relied on Memebox for their k-beauty products. However, sometimes changes are needed. Maybe, they'll change back again in the future. Who knows.

*This post should really be renamed "What Was Memebox" or "Memebox History" because Memebox recently changed, completely. Instead of going through this post and updating the changes, in case they decide to change back, I'll just write a short note here on the changes. 

For one, Memebox broke up with its international customers. They no longer ship internationally. The only places they do business in are China, South Korea and US. Each country has a separate headquarter and they do not communicate or work together. Which means if you live in the US, your boxes will be shipped from the US headquarter. You cannot order a box from either the SK headquarter or the one in China, and vise versa. 

Memebox is no longer spoiling us. No more $23 boxes or box bundles with express shipping for only $6.99. Prices has gone up and value has gone down. Why? Because they are curating boxes from South Korean companies already located in the US, and the prices they can get is no doubt more expensive than the prices they normally get in South Korea. 

Lasty, the Meme-hype is down and other businesses are stealing their show. If you follow K-beauty like I do, you might have noticed a handful of new k-beauty/ Asian beauty subscription boxes popping up here and there. No doubt there will be more soon. People are noticing this great opportunity and taking advantage of the fact that the Meme-hype is down and their customers are looking for new places to shop. It's not just other subscription boxes, it's also other online Asian beauty stores, who are constantly having amazing sales. Such as WishTrend, Innisfree, and many more.


It occured to me a couple of unboxings ago, that typing out what Memebox is every time can be repetitive to some of my readers. To fix that, I decided to make this post. So, if you are here and reading this now, it means you are either curious about Memebox or just bored and decided to check out this page. For whatever reason you are here for, you are here now. So let's learn about Memebox.
My first 2 Memeboxes.

General Memebox Information

Memebox Global is a fairly new start-up company, who sells beauty boxes filled with Korean skincare and beauty products to customers around the world. They have 2 headquarters, one is located in Korea and another in California. Memebox Global is located in California and is a branch off of Memebox Korea. Although both headquarters are separated by location and also target different costumers (Memebox Korea only sells in Korea, while Memebox Global sell boxes globally), most boxes are still shipped out from Korea. Since that's where their main warehouse is located at.

Memebox is pronounced "Mi-Mi box" and not meme like those internet memes. It's a non-subscription mystery beauty box that's packed with a range of either skincare, makeup, hair care and body care products, or a mixed. Boxes are usually released weekly and each mystery box comes with a description to hint at possible products inside the box. Occasionally, there will be a spoiler or two released for a certain box to show a product or 2 that will be included in that box. There's always a shipping date given for each box. The box can ship out a week or 2 after you purchase it or a month or 2 after the purchase. It all depends on the date pre-set for that box.

Jackpot box part 1
Memeboxes generally cost $23 plus shipping which is a bit more than other beauty boxes like Birchbox or BoxyCharm. However, they generally only send full size products (see picture above). The total product value of 1 memebox is generally over $100, which is way more than the total product value in either Birchbox or BoxyCharm. Since it's not a subscription, you get to choose which box you want to purchase and when. Some boxes will sell out faster than others, so customers will need to check the site for new boxes releases. Memebox does also have a Facebook page that updates when new boxes are available.
Memebox Sleeping Beauty box
If you are a Korean beauty lover or is someone who want to try Korean beauty products but don't know where to start. Memebox would be the right one for you. A lot of Memebox products are of good quality and you get way more than you pay for. While the wait for boxes to ship can be a pain some time, there's a whole community of Memebox lovers on both Facebook and Makeuptalk to ease the wait.
Memebox Snow White box
Types of Boxes

There are a couple of types of boxes you can purchase on Memebox. I will list them below with a description.

Collaboration boxes: Memebox periodically teams up with a blogger or Youtuber to create a collaboration box. The box is fill with full sized items, usually picked by the blogger/Youtuber. The contents of the box is almost always revealed when it goes on sale and these boxes sell really quickly. Here are some past collaboration boxes I've purchased and reviewed Vagabond Youth and Cutiepiemarzia
Price: $23 plus shipping. 

Global boxes: one per month, these boxes always ships on the 24th of that month. (e.g. Global #18) It's not a subscription, so you can choose which box you'd like to buy when the box comes out. Sometimes it comes out as pre-sale bundle too. You can buy the 3 boxes in advance and it'll be shipped out when it's released. The bundle usually saves on shipping costs. These boxes are not themed. Sometimes they can sell out quickly while other times they do not.
Price: $23 plus shipping.

Themed boxes (aka Memebox Special): these boxes always have a theme. Like all makeup, or all hair care, or all skincare. Or a vague theme to target specific issues like brightening care or oil control care.  Here are some past theme boxes I've purchased and reviewed: Sleeping Beauty Princess Edition and Snow White Princess Edition. Sleeping Beauty focused on products that will help your skin rejuvenate and heal while you sleep. Snow White focused on products that contain brightening properties.  
Price:$19 to $29 plus shipping.  

Superboxes: contains only full size products. These boxes are themed as well. All though the website says it contains only full size products, sometimes this can mean a deluxe product set or a simple sheet mask. There's no specific numbers of products in a Superbox, however, in the past it's usually been 5 to 7. Here are some past Superboxes I've purchased and reviewed: While You Were Sleeping and City Girl.
Price: $23 to $70, although most are usually $32 plus shipping.

Luckyboxes: these usually contains a mix of deluxe samples and full size products. They used to be products that are popular from past boxes, however, that has changed in recent Luckyboxes. Like Global boxes, these also comes in pre-sale bundles as well. 
Price: $23 plus shipping.

Nakedboxes: these contain deluxe and/or full size products. They are revealed right when they go on sale and are also shipped immediately. 
Price: usually $23 plus shipping.

Miniboxes: these contains deluxe and sample size products. Only 3 has ever been released and there has been no new minibox releases since then.
Price: $15 plus shipping.

Color box/Scent box: these contains deluxe sample size and full size products. Always themed by color or scent and the products in the box usually follow that theme. 
Price:$15 plus shipping.

Memebox also creates value sets for certain boxes. Which means they pair boxes together, usually by shipping date. This will save the customers money because value sets are always shipped express and only cost $6.99 for shipping. The only down side is that customers cannot create their own value set. So the only value sets available are those Memebox create.

Shipping Methods:
There are 2 types of shipping methods Standard and Express. Standard shipping cost $6.99 while express shipping cost $18.99. The exception to this is the value set. Where Memebox will ship the set as express for only $6.99.

Extra Information:

Global box bundles and Lucky box bundles have a shipping exception, in that you only have to pay one standard shipping price for all 3 boxes instead of 1 for each box. 

Memebox also have a memeshop, where they sell Korean beauty products as well. Shop products include products in past Memeboxes or products that's never been in boxes before.

You can become a VIP when you purchase 5+ boxes in 3 months or spend $200 in 3 months. VIPs receive many discounts such as VIP points, early releases, VIP codes for free shipping on shop items or a percentage off total purchase.

If you have any questions about Memebox, please comment below. I will get to them as soon as I can. Happy Shopping Everyone!


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