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New Innisfree Haul

Innisfree Haul
I ordered another haul of Innisfree goodies this past Cyber Monday because I just couldn't resist. I'm a big Innisfree fan and love their products. I was able to grab most of what I couldn't in my first haul plus some other products to try. Innisfree was having some awesome offers, which is also why I got so much products. They have a lot of on going offers available now, you can check them out here. Let's dig in to see what goodies I got in this haul.

Innisfree Capasule Recipe sleeping and scrub packs
They look like presents under a Christmas tree don't they?
Innisfree Capasule Recipe Sleeping and Scrub Packs
10ml ea, on sale for $2.5 for 2

Sleeping and Scrub Packs are perfect to fix skin issues and help achieve healthy and hydrated skin. There are 5 types of sleeping packs, 1 type of scrub and 1 type of clay mask. I purchased 4 of the 5 types of sleeping packs which are Wine, Green Tea, Bija + Aloe, and Pomegranate Bubble. I also got the scrub pack, which is the Seaweed pack. Each pack is good for 2-3 uses. I bought 24 packs in total, so it should last me a long time.

These were an impulsive buy. They were on sale and I wanted to try different sleeping packs and scrubs, so I thought, why not? I'm really glad I picked them up because so far I've tried the Bija+ Aloe as well as Green Tea. Both of which I love.
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and green tea pure cleansing Foam Set
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam Set
80ml + 150ml, $26

Green Tea Serum is moisturizing and nourishing. The serum is made from green tea and green tea seeds harvested on Jeju island. It's rich in amino acids and minerals to keep the skin hydrated. It also uses their Dual Moisture-Rising technology to combine squeezed green tea to deliver moisture deep into the skin while the green tea seed oil helps the skin to stay moisturized for a longer period. The cleansing foam is made from Jeju green tea as well. It's a gentle foam cleanser that helps the skin to retain moisture while cleansing away any impurities on it.

I wasn't able to pick up the Green Tea Seed Serum in my last haul so I was very happy I got to get it this time. I've read so many great reviews on it and I loved the 5ml sample I got in my last Innisfree haul. The cleansing foam was an added bonus that I'm excited to try.
Green Tea Seed Serum Special Set
Green Tea Seed Serum Special Set
80ml+70ml+70ml, $26

This set includes the Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Balancing Toner, and Green Tea Balancing Lotion. I've already talked about the Green Tea Seed Serum in the product set above so I'll only explain the toner and lotion here. Both the toner and the lotion are made from green teas and green tea seeds harvested from the Jeju Island. They work to moisturize and nourish the skin. Jeju's green tea grows on Mt. Halla, which is located at the center of the Jeju Island. Mt. Halla's unique ecosystem allows a diverse group of plants to grow abundantly without any chemicals.

I got this set as a Christmas gift for a family member, who I know will love it! I almost got a set for myself too, but I've got so many toners and lotion to finish that I decided 1 as a gift was enough this time.
Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Set
15g + 15g refill, $23

A long wear cushion that creates a smooth and fresh look. It brightens the skin complexion and it has powerful SPF protection with SPF 50+ PA+++. This cushion pack is long lasting and it won't smudge. It's also sweat proof and it contains natural Jeju mineral powder.  

I've heard a lot of great things about this cushion compact from my friends and I've read plenty of great reviews on it. So when I saw the set, I knew I had to get it. It's so cheap too! I got the color True Beige in #23 because I heard Innisfree colors tend to run light. It turns out to be just a tad bit darker than my skin tone but I can still make it work. I think the Natural Beige would be too light for me. 
Green Christmas DIY kit
Time for the gift with purchase and samples! This Christmas DIY kit came as a free gift for purchasing over $70. It allows you to make 2 ornaments. I will be making a post on this soon. One reason why I love shopping at Innisfree is due to their abundance freebies, you'll see below what I mean.
soybean solutions kit
This is 1 of the 8 free Solutions Kit Innifree offers for buyers who purchases over $50. Not only does the buyer get one of these kits, they also have the option to send one to one of their friends. Which is awesome. The kit I chose is the Soybean kit. It comes with 1 sheet mask, the Manuka Honey sheet mask, and three 5ml sample pouches that are from their soybean line. It's got a soybean firming serum, a soybean energy finish cream, and a soybean firming neck cream. See those odd little white caps on top of each sample? They are twist offs you can use after you've opened the samples. It keeps the samples fresh because each sample can last about a week.
Innisfree samples
Finally, some more samples to finish off the haul. For my haul I got to pick 7 samples. Although they ran out of some samples that I wanted to try, I am still happy with the ones I got. The 7 samples you see here are a mixture of 5ml and 10ml samples. Ranging from Jeju clay mask to orchid creams to Innisfree's Eco Science toners and lotions. Some of these products I've tried before and some I haven't so I'm excited for some experiments!

All in all, I am super pleased with this Innisfree Haul. Plenty to try and experiment plus a DIY kit to fulfill my creative side! It came with free shipping that only took about 1 week, which is super fast. I will definitely be making more purchases from Innisfree in the future!

What do you guys think of these Innifree products?
Did you buy anything during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales? 

Until next time and dream big!




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