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Review: Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet

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Are you a morning person? I, personally, am not, and thus value that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning. However, taking care of my skin is also a priority, especially since I have acne prone skin, which means the slightest mishap could spell for a couple of red disasters. So, you can see the dilemma here. Luckily, I've found a product that will not only take care of my skin but also allow me to sleep in for that 10 extra minutes. Presenting, The 7 Seconds Morning Sheet!
Review: Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet

If you've heard of the Korean 12 to 20 step skin care routine, you'd know it's quite time consuming. If you haven't heard of it, let me tell you, it's quite time consuming. Generally, I use a 10 to 12 step routine during the evening. However, in the morning, I only do about half or less of that. The 7 Second Morning Sheet plays a big role in shortening that time for me, which allows me to take care of my skin and sleep extra. 

I first discovered this product from Memebox. They were on sale with free shipping and the limited amounts of reviews I dug up all said it was amazing, so I had to give it a try. Anything to help elongate that extra sleep time in the morning, right? 
7 Seconds Morning Sheet
Skin Factory 7 Second Morning Sheet
150g, 20 pads, $25

Product Description: Want to prep you skin for the prefect condition in the morning without spending an hour or more? Try this 7 Second Morning sheet! It functions as a clarifying toner, conditioning essence, and lightweight moisturizing lotion. Its pads are double sided that will give you the effects of a facial massage and light exfoliation. Plus, its got anti aging properties as well. To use, slide 2 fingers into the pocket of the facial pad and gently massage with the dotted side of the pad for 7 seconds. Then, flip it over to the padded side and pat the remaining essence into the skin. For best results, keep this product stored in the refrigerator to keep cool.

7 Seconds Morning Sheet container
My Rating: ❤ ❤   ❤ 

I absolutely love this product! It seriously works like a charm and saves me so much time in the morning. Instead of the 10 to 12 steps of skin care, I only have about half of it. Which is cleanse, 7 Seconds Morning Sheet, face cream, eye cream and sun cream. Although, the product says to use each side for 7 seconds, I really use it for like 30+ seconds each. I mean, 1 minutes is still less than 30 minutes right? The product comes in the packaging you see above with the aluminium seal. It also comes with a mini tweezers looking tool to help take out the products easily. It's so convenient to use and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed as well. It's suggested to keep the 7 Second Morning Sheet in the fridge, although, I've just been storing it in a cool place since I don't like something super cold on my face in the morning. 

The small red pamphlet you see there, comes with instructions on facial points that you can massage while you are using the 7 Second pads. Personally, I haven't tried massaging the points with the pads yet, but I might try it during my monthly SSD (Self Spa Day), where I do a facial massage. 

What's amazing about this product is that it follows the 10 free rule. Which means the product DOES NOT contain Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, BHT, talc, ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, silicon, ethanol, phenoxyethenol, and trethanolamine; all of these can potentially be harmful to the skin.

What's even more amazing is its amazing ingredients, such as Morinda Citrifolia Fruit (Noni), Echinacea extract, Nasturtium Officinale extract, Galactomyces, Jasmine extract,  aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract (green tea),  grape extracts, orange extracts, and much more! 
7 Seconds Morning Sheet dotted side
Aside from its convenience, I also love the product because of its benefits. It provides anti-wrinkle care and brightening effects. I especially love the brightening effects, as I've notice that the 7 Seconds Morning Sheets plus my other brightening products has helped lighten my post acne marks. 

Here's what the dotted side of the pad looks like. When you swipe it on your face, it feels like a really light exfoliation. It's cooling and refreshing as it preps the skin for skin care and makeup application. The padded side, see picture below (sorry for the blur), is used after the dotted side and helps the skin to absorb the remaining essence. I generally use both sides on my neck in the morning as well, after I've used it on my face.  

These pads are generally soaked in essence, which I love a lot, but the first couple of pads can drip a little. I find that there are less pads than essence in each container and really wish Skin Factory sell refill pads so I can use up the remaining essence. Sadly, I've yet to find any refill pads. For my first container of extra essence, I ended up soaking plain sheet masks in them to make facial masks out of the essence. However, I hope in the future I can find some refill pads.
7 Seconds Morning Sheet padded side

Final Thoughts: I Love the 7 Second Morning Sheet, and you can say I might be slightly obsessed. Okay, maybe not just slightly, but who can blame me, these pads are awesome! They make my morning routine faster and easier. Plus, they prep my face for the perfect makeup application. I only use these on days when I wear makeup or feel like my skin needs an extra boost, or it's one of those mornings and I want to sleep in (even if it's just for 5 minutes). I'm on my second container already and it won't be long before I'm purchasing my 3rd. Although, I heard that Neogen also makes a similar product, so I might want to try that out. 

Have you tried Skin Factory's 7 Second Morning Sheet yet? Would you like to try it?
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  1. Hi there! I totally want to try this! But it's all sold out on Memebox and it's more expensive on Wishtrend. :( Guess I'm a little late to the party though...haha Do you know of any other sites that sell Korean beauty products and ship to the US?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi! It looks like this product is sold out in most places and the only place that currently stocks it is Wishtrend. If you are new to Wishtrend you can sign up with this code (064924203) to get a $7 voucher for your first purchase. Or you can wait until Memebox restocks it again, but I don't know when that'll be.


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