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Shop Asian Beauty Online: YesStyle

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This is the first post for the Shop Asian Beauty Online series (#SABO). Anyways, the first store being featured in this series is YesStyle! I have been shopping at YesStyle for over 5 years now and they were the first online Asian beauty store I shopped at, so it's only fair that I write about them first. There's lots to talk about, so let's get started.

What is YesStyle?

YesStyle was the first online retail shop to sell a wide range of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products globally. They first launched in 2006 and now have sister websites for Australia, UK, Canada and HK. YesStyle leverages from the success of YesAsia which was launched by the same company in 1998 and sell Asian entertainment products globally. YesStyle  has grown tremendously since 2006. Aside from selling beauty, fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products, they also have a blog that offers the latest trends, tips, and a 'Ask Nikki' section where readers can submit questions to 'Nikki' for advice on fashion.

**Special coupon codes for new and current YesStyle members at the end**

What do they sell (brands, etc.)?

YesStyle sells beauty products ranging from skincare and makeup to body care and fragrance. Some of their known brands are SK-II, Laneige, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Ladykin, My Beauty Diary and much more. Here's the full list of brands YesStyle carries. They also sell fashion products ranging from daily wear to business wear and special occasions. Plus a variety of lifestyle products, like phone cases, stationery, and gadgets. YesStyle also sell accessories such as jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. and they also have a kids section as well.


YesStyle offers a membership program called the 'Elite Club'. The membership program has changed a lot and in recent years it has become very easy to achieve Gold membership, which is the highest level. There are 4 tiers of membership: regular, bronze, silver, and gold. Your tier is determined by how many Style Bucks you accumulate. There are currently 2 ways to earn Style Bucks, by making purchases on YesStyle (each dollar you spend is 1 Style Buck) or by writing a review on products you have already purchased from YesStyle. Each review is worth 100 Style Bucks.
  • Regular membership applies to new YesStyle members who just created an account but has not made a purchase or earned any Style Bucks. These members do not receive any discounts or VIP coupons.
  • Bronze membership applies to YesStyle members who has made one purchased with their YesStyle account and have 1-499 style bucks in their account. They will receive 3% discount and one $10 coupon. 
  • Silver membership applies to YesStyle members who has earned 500-999 style bucks on YesStyle. They will receive 5% discount and two $10 coupons.
  • Gold membership applies to YesStyle members who has earned over 1000 style bucks. They will receive 10% discount and four $10 coupons.
Memberships are upgraded on the 1st of each month. Which means if you were Bronze in April and you made a big purchase and have 1001 style bucks by the end of April, you'll be upgraded to Gold membership May 1st. Memberships can last anywhere between 12 months to 23 months. You can check when your membership expires on your account page under the 'Elite Club' section.

Sales and Special Offers

YesStyle always have sales and special offers on their website. Both of which changes from time to time. I'd recommend you check out both when your shopping at YesStyle, you might just come across some of your favorite products at a very low price. Sales changes weekly. Generally, there are a couple of brands featured each week and those are on sale for 20% off. Special offers includes a free gift with certain purchases or special discounts.


There are several shipping options for YesStyle. Currently, they are offering free worldwide shipping with US $35 purchase and free express shipping with US $99 purchase. You can find more information on their shipping rates and delivery page. They also have a list of countries they ship to and other information on shipping and shipping related sections.

Pre-shipping time will vary a lot depending on the items you purchase. On each item's page, under the price, it will list the availability of the item which means how long it will take YesStyle to get that item from the brand. This time frame can be any where between 24 hours to 14+ days or more, it all depends on the product. After YesStyle receives all the items in your order, they will sent out your package. The shipping time can be long sometimes, however, I find that express shipping is usually really quick. Also all orders that are express shipping will come with a tracking number. For standard shipping it may or may not come with one. 

Customer Service

YesStyle's customer service varies, I think it depends on the CS person you get. I have had really wonderful experiences from dealing with really nice CS people to really, really horrible CS people. The one time when I had a major issue with one of my packages, CS was no help at all. So I scoured their website and found a 'Email Our CEO' section. YesStyle is one of the few websites I know of that have this option. Anyways, I emailed the 'CEO' (I don't actually think the CEO reads it, most likely it's his secretary or something because I am sure they have more important things to attend to) and they resolved my issue right away. So Yay on that part. If you have an issue with YesStyle and their CS isn't helping, trying emailing the CEO.

My Thoughts and Experiences

I love shopping through YesStyle. Their site is easy to use and they always have great offers. YesStyle is the online store where I buy my favorite Annie's Way Jelly Masks (check out my review) and other Annie's Way products. Aside from Annie's Way products, Yesstyle also carries a wide range of Asian and Western beauty products. Price wise, it really depends on the product and if there's a sale or not. However, generally, a lot of their products have competitive prices compared to other online beauty shops. If I find a great deal on YesStyle for products I've been wanting to purchase, I will buy them from YesStyle. But if I can find better prices else where, I will buy them from else where. The only exception is Annie's Way products, because YesStyle is one of the few trusted sources that sell Annie's Way products internationally.

If you are looking to save major bucks, the best time to buy beauty products or any products for that matter is during their major sales. These sales usually take place during major holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and Christmas or sometimes at the end of each season for their blow out sales (Summer is a popular time for those sales).

In recent years, I find myself purchasing more and more clothes on YesStyle than any other shops, local or online. They have a wide collection at a variety of prices, so you'll always be able to find something fitting for you. I buy clothes for work, casual dates, special events and other occasions from YesStyle and 95% of the time I like what I purchased. I have always been able to find cute or classy or mature pieces to add to my wardrobe. The only down side with shopping online is that you don't know the material quality until you get your product and sometimes it might not fit right or the color might be a bit off. However, YesStyle has a great return/exchange policy if the clothes you purchased ends up not being what you thought it was going to be.

If you do choose to shop for clothing on YesStyle, make sure you know your size. They have instructions on their website on how to find your measurements. The reason for knowing your size is because a lot of clothes on YesStyle are one size only. They will almost always include the measurements for that piece of clothing on their site, so it is up to you to determine if it will be a good fit or not. There are often reviews from past buyers on the product. Sometimes the reviews are helpful because they will let you know of the material quality or if the color is a bit off and what not. However, there are times when the reviews won't be helpful, like when someone says the piece of clothing is too big on them, but you don't actually know what their measurements are to compare with your own. Keep in mind those points when shopping for clothing on YesStyle. Oh and one more thing, if a piece of clothing is cute, a lot of people like it, it has a great price, and it has a lot of positive reviews on it already, chances are it will sell out fast. So, don't wait because YesStyle rarely restock their clothes.

**Now for the good part, the coupons that will help you save!**
LUCKY7: get $7 off orders above $65 purchase (for new YesStyle members only), expires  February 28, 2015
MEGA15: get $15 off orders above $150 (for everyone)
FREESTANDARD: use this for free shipping with no minimum purchase required

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Alright, that's all on YesStyle. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. Do you shop on their site? How was your experience? What do you like or do not like about them, and will you purchase from them again? 

Until next time!


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