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Shop Asian Beauty Online: SaSa

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It's been a while since I did a Shop Asian Beauty Online (SABO) post. In the last SABO post, I introduced WishTrend, a Korean beauty shop that I have been loving since late last year. I just ordered their special promotion and will do a review on each of the items I ordered once I receive them and tested them out. 

Today, I am back with the SABO series and today's SABO feature is Sasa. Sasa was the second Asian beauty online store I discovered, right after Yesstyle. It is definitely a site to behold as it sells a huge variety of beauty and health products, over 600 brands to be exact, which is a lot. (It's often called the Asian Sephora as a comparison because they sell so much stuff.) Their focus isn't just Korean beauty or Japanese beauty or Taiwanese beauty, but a combination of all 3 plus Western beauty products and more. So, basically, they sell beauty products from all over the world to the entire world. They carry luxurious brands, drug store brands and anything in between. Which makes them a great place to shop if you are looking for a variety of products and it is also why I shop there. Read on to learn more about Sasa!

What is Sasa?

If I ever have to explain Sasa to someone in 5 words, I would say: it's like an Asian Sephora. Sasa is an online beauty store that sells a wide range of beauty and health products from all over the world internationally. Aside from its online store, they also have over 280 retail stores and counters located in Asia. The company started out as a 40 sq. ft. retail store that was founded in 1978 and has grown tremendously into today's leading cosmetic retail chain in Asia. The company's vision was to create a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs and they have done so with their online and retail stores.

What do they sell?

As I mentioned before, Sasa sells over 600 brands, which I think it's a feat in itself. They sell over 17,000 beauty, fragrance, and body care products plus beauty and health supplements. Some of the brands they sell are Banila CO., Annie Sui, 3W Clinic, Christian Dior, Dr. Jart+, Etude House, Goodal, Hada Labo, Koji, and so much more. (If you could tell, I was going to list 1 brand for the 26 alphabet letters, but clearly give up half way as that would take so long.) Anyways, it's clear to see that Sasa is really the one-stop shop for all things beauty related.

Sales and Special offers

Sasa has a Instant Deal section on the top right hand side of their main web page. I check that section almost daily to see if there are any good deals going on. The Instant Deals changes daily and there's a forecast section that will show you some of the items that will be on sale for the next day, however, it won't show you the prices for those items until the next day.

Sasa also have periodic deals that happens during special holidays or events. Such as the Easter Surprise deal they are currently having now. (Image below.) It offers up to 56% off of luxurious beauty goodies. They also have a sale/clearance section as well.

Membership Program

Sasa didn't used to have a membership program when I first started purchasing from them, however, now they do. Although I've never purchased enough to get to membership level. Their program is called the VIP programme. It's kind of like Sephora's VIB program where you have to spend a certain amount of money before you can be part of the membership program. 


Like many large online beauty stores, Sasa offer free standard shipping if a customer's order is over a certain amount of money. Because this policy of theirs changes often due to promotions, I won't mention the price here as it could likely have changed when you read this post. Sasa's shipping costs are also different for different countries, so the best way to know the current shipping costs is by visiting their site and changing the currency/country section to your own. 

Customer Service

In all my years of shopping with Sasa, I've never once had to contact their customer service. Which I think it's lucky, *knocks on wood*. However, I have read plenty of good and bad customer service reviews about them, but I think this is common for most stores. Since I don't have any personal experience on this matter, I will leave myself neutral on this for now.

My Thoughts and Experiences

To me, the first impression of an online store is key. It's what will make me a returning customer or a I-will-stay-away-forever type of deal. Luckily, Sasa landed me as a returning customer. I love their variety of products, I mean over 17,000, you can find just about anything beauty related here. However, having so many products and choices can sometimes be a bad thing too. If I am not looking for anything in particular and just wanted to browse to see if there's anything good, Sasa won't be the first site I look up. Browsing over 17,000 products to potentially find a few good ones is a daunting task and can become really overwhelming. That said, Sasa is the shop I go to if I know exactly what I want to purchase and they are from a variety of brands. Or when Sasa have a huge sale and I see a couple of products that I want. 

The products that I buy the most from their store is the My Beauty Diary masks. These masks usually cost $16.40 per box of 10, which is not cheap. However, recently Sasa have been having sales on these masks and you can find these masks in the Instant Deal section daily. They have been as low as $9.5 for a box of 10, now that is a whopping 43% off its regular price. Since there are over 20 kinds of these masks targeting a variety of skin care issues, you can bet that you'll find one (or all 20+) for you. 

Overall, I think if you are looking for a Sephora like store that sells mainly Asian beauty products, Sasa would be the one. It is a great place to shop for any beauty needs as they carry over 17,000 products. They constantly offer sales and deals on their products and they ship pretty much any where in the world. If you like shopping at Sephora, there's a big chance that you'll like shopping at Sasa.

That's it for this SABO post, I hope you will check Sasa out if you aren't already shopping from them! If you have shopped from Sasa before, I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

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