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C Lab Wonderful Pudding Mask Review

C Lab Wonderful Pudding Mask Review

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I have a confession to make. I am a mask addict. Although, I think those of your who frequent my blog might already know that by now. Masks are an essential step in my skin care routine. I love discovering new masks because there's a huge variety out there in the world that I've yet to try and they might just do wonders for my skin. I love trying out masks because the best way to know if a mask is for you or not (aside from reading the ingredients list) is to try it out yourself. Through the discoveries and tests, I now have a list of masks that I love and are great for my skin as well as a list of masks that I've tried but are not for my skin. I also have a list of masks that I want to try but have not. This way, I can keep track of what I have tried and what I still want to try but haven't.

I think of mask time as a fun way to chill and relax while the masks do wonders on the skin. Like magic potions working away for you while you watch your favorite TV show or something. So I generally lean towards masks that requires less work. Hence why I love my sheet masks so much. Despite liking masks that requires less work, I still like to try out all kinds of masks, even the ones that take a lot of time and work; because they might just end up being super-awesomely-amazing. And I wouldn't want to miss out on a chance of discovering a mask that's super-awesomely-amazing. Although I will say that if the mask takes a lot of work and is not amazing, chances are they won't be on my love list.

C Lab Wonderful Pudding Mask, pouch, booster powder, pamphlet

Today's review is on the C Lab (Care Lab) Wonderful Pudding Mask with Booster Powder from Wishtrend. This mask would be considered as a mask that needs work. It's not a slab on and go type of mask, if you know what I mean. Rather, this is a mix then apply type of mask. I find that generally these masks can either be really amazing or really bad, and half the time it's due to the formula and how it is mixed. Still, when I saw this mask on WishTrend, I thought I had to try it. I mean, I've never tried a pudding mask before so this would be my chance right? Read on to see if this mask is worth the work or not.

Wonderful Pudding Mask packaging

C Lab Wonderful Pudding Mask
50g + 4.5g, $6.90, Wonderful

Product Description: A acne care and soothing mask that minimizes trouble spots and calms down troubled skin. It's got Vitamin A and E components to bring nourishment to the skin and turning it into an energetic state. The formula contains rose, centella, Houttuynia Cordata, Gardenia Jasminoides, and much more. These ingredients will work together to increase skin elasticity and provide deep hydration to the skin, they will improve skin tone while offering a soothing effect, they can also calm down troubled skin as well. To use, mix the pudding mask with booster powder for 30 seconds. Apply the mask onto the face within 6 minutes after mixing. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes than peel it off carefully.

Ingredients: Auqa, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Algin, Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Chloride, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract, Schizandra Chinesis Fruit Extract, Coptis Japonica Root Extract, Rhus Semialata Gall Extract, Caprylhydroxamic acid, Caprylyl glucol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Silk Amino acids, Centella Asiatica Extract, Rose extract, Gardenia Florida Fruit extract, Houttuynia Cordata extract, Gardenia Red (CI 77491), Chlorphenesin, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance.

Wonderful Pudding Mask

My Thoughts: Amazing packaging was my first thought when I opened up my box and saw this mask. I was not expecting it to come in its own pouch. I know I will definitely reuse the pouch for something in the future because it is of pretty good quality. So +1 for that. Anyways, the pouch contained the pudding mask, booster powder, and a pamphlet about the mask. The pamphlet was in Korean, which meant I couldn't understand much of it at all. Luckily, WishTrend provides a video detailing the steps it takes to mix and use the mask. I still included pictures of the pamphlet if anyone is interested.

The mask is only half full because you need room to mix. Even with it not being full, it was more than enough for my face.

booster powder

Above and below, you can see the booster powder. It comes in the small package. Reminds me of those coffee creamers.

booster powder behind

Here's the pamphlet. It looks quite cute, my only wish is that it came in English. So I can actually understand what it says. Or maybe it's time I learned Korean? ^^

pudding mask manual

pudding mask pamphlet

Here's the instruction for the pudding mask and booster powder section. It's got a diagram showing you exactly how to apply the mask as well.

instructions for the mask in Korean

Aside from the Wonderful Pudding Mask, there are 3 other types of pudding masks as well. You can see them in the picture below.

The Waterful pudding mask focuses on hydration. The Faithful pudding mask focuses on vitality and skin tone. The Powerful pudding mask focuses on tightening pores and controlling sebum.

All 4 types of C Lab pudding masks

I'll be honest, I've absolutely no idea what those words in the 24 numbers section in the above picture means. If anyone knows, please let me know.

more instructions in Korean

Pudding mask

Okay, after reading the pamphlet and watching WishTrend's video on this mask like 10 times, I thought I know just how it works so I got ready to start. I didn't order mine with a brush or anything so I just used one of my spatulas instead.

The picture above is what it looks like when you open up your pudding mask.

Chunk of powder

What I opened my booster powder, I found this big chunk of powder inside it. It looks like a rock. I took some time to break it down before adding it to the pudding mask container.

ready to mix pudding mask and booster powder

Here's the booster powder inside the pudding mask container ready to be mixed. Now one thing about this mask is that you only have 1 chance. There's no redo or anything and if you mess up, well that's that. So I was very afraid that I would mess up or something. So I set my phone to 30 seconds alarm, that way I won't mix over that time or under. Thus the mask should come out in the perfect texture like shown in the video. Or so I thought.

masks looks like a blob

After 30 seconds of mixing, this blob was what I had. It does not look right. 'Uh Oh' was the first thought in my head. However, I didn't want to waste the product and I had to apply it to my face within 6 minutes time. Talk about stress as I try to decide if I should throw it away or just apply it. I ended up applying it onto my face (praying that it would not irritate it or anything) following the original instructions. It did not feel bad but very clumpy.

after pudding mask has been mixed

I should add that I did not get to patch test this product. If you frequent my blog, you might know that I patch test everything. Having sensitive skin and acne prone skin means I am very careful with products and always test them ahead of using. However, there was no way I could patch test a product that needs to be applied within 6 minutes after mixing. So I took a chance and tried it without patch testing it. I did check out its ingredients list before I got this mask and none of its ingredients were on my Ingredients-to-avoid list.

looks clumpy and icy like

Here's what the pudding mask looks like on my hand, you can see how it's clumpy. Trust me, it looks a lot clumpier on my face. I thought about not showing you guys the picture with the mask on my face because it seriously looks like I have ice slushy on my face. But, a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes nothing. Excuse the hair, I literally just jumped out of the shower. Anyways, see what I mean now (below)? It looks like icy on my face. Although it doesn't feel like icy or anything.

Now you are supposed to let this mask sit for 20 to 30 minutes before peeling it off. Since my mask didn't come out right, I was unable to peel it off. I ended up cleaning it if off with my spatula, in the same way I would clear off my Jelly masks. I left it on for 40 minutes because I was hoping it would dry, but it didn't. I was itching (literally) to take the mask off at the 25 minutes mark but managed to last until 40 minutes. Luckily, the mask did not cause any harm after I clear it off.

looks like I have slushy on my face

My Rating: ❤ ❤   

Final Thoughts: I gave it only 3 hearts for many reasons First, because there's no guarantee that the mask will turn out right each time. In my case, it clearly was not in the right texture and I did not want to waste the product because this mask is not cheap. Second, mask time is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but there was nothing fun nor relaxing about my time while using this mask. I was worried that it wouldn't come out right, which it didn't, and I was worried that it would irritate my skin since there was no way I could patch test it. Third, when the mask don't turn out in the right consistency, everything else is thrown off. Mixing the mask right is a huge, huge importance. Because if that part is messed up, than everything else goes out of whack. It did not dry and be peel-able like the instructions says, which makes me wonder if any of its benefits was really effective either. Lastly, I did not see any soothing effects on my skin. Instead it did feel itchy at the 25 minutes mark. When I removed the mask, it did not look calm or less red and my few acne looked about the same as before. I was just glad that the mask did not irritate it further.

Would I purchase it again? I don't know. Part of me wants to try it again and hoping that it can be mixed correctly the next time so I can experience the mask how it is supposed to be and not as a mess. On the other hand, part of me don't want to try it again because it was so much work to apply and remove the mask and it didn't even turn out how it was suppose to turn out. How do I know that it won't come out like a slushy mess the next time?

Have you guys tried this type of mix masks before? What are your thoughts on them?

Until next time!


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, however, all opinions are honest and my own. I was not compensated in any other way. This post contains affiliate link, my full disclaimer here.


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