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Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack: Seaweed Review

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack: Seaweed Review

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Welcome back to Mask Monday! Today I want to share with you guys my thoughts and review on the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs in Seaweed. These capsule recipe packs are just so cute and they come in multiple kinds for different skin care issues. There are 2 categories of capsule recipe packs: the sleeping packs and the wash-off packs. These seaweed packs fall into the wash-off packs category. I have tried many of the sleeping packs and wash-off packs, I've also written reviews on the Green Tea sleeping pack and Pomegranate bubble sleeping pack. So I am quite excited to share my thoughts on this recipe pack with you guys. Anyways, if you want to learn more about these unique Seaweed Capsule Recipe Packs from Innisfree, then keep on reading!

Innisfree Seaweed Capsule Recipe Pack

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack: Seaweed
10ml, $2.5

Product Description: A wash-off mask that heats up during application. Its self-heating properties and micro-fine scrub granules work together to help remove dead skin cells. This wash-off mask is enriched with Jeju seaweed which contains wrinkle smoothing properties. Jeju seaweed is also rich in minerals and vitamins. It can help promote vitality of the skin and help the skin defend against aging.

To Use: Cleanse the face first and gently pat dry. Apply the Seaweed Capsule Recipe Pack over the face evenly. Massage the face lightly to relieve facial muscles. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow up with the night time skin care routine.

Each capsule is good for 2 to 3 applications.

the back of the packs


each capsule pack has the same height as a quarter standing up

Packaging: The looks of these Capsule Recipe packs are simple and to the point. Size wise, they are about the same height as a quarter standing up, see picture above. Its diameter is, however, much larger than that of a quarter, see picture below. The majority of information on these capsule recipe packs are in Korean, so it might not be so helpful if you do not read Korean. However, there are plenty of websites, including Innisfree's Global website that contains more detailed information regarding these recipe packs. So it is no issue. Every Innisfree Capsule Recipe pack comes in the same black container, the only difference is the top, which comes in different color representing different ingredients. In the case of these Seaweed capsule recipe packs, the color is deep blue.

capsule pack size comparison

Scent: These Seaweed capsule recipe packs have a light seaweed scent, however it's not fishy or anything. Since these packs have added fragrance, the seaweed scent is not too strong, but it is noticeable. The added fragrance mix well with the seaweed scent and the fragrance seems to have floral notes.

always sanitize spatulas before using
I always sanitize my spatulas before using them.
Color: The color of these seaweed capsule recipe packs itself in green. It looks quite dark in the container, but once scooped out and applied, it looks a little lighter.

it's green in color

Texture: It has a gel like texture. It feels smooth and applies easily. Its got little micro particles (that looks like sand) which works to lightly exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

seaweed pack has a gel like texture

My Thoughts: I'm all about light exfoliate masks, assuming they work well, and these work well. Having sensitive skin means I have to be careful with the types of exfoliates I use on my face or it could do more damage than help. For the longest time, I've used Cure aqua gel as my light exfoliate and it worked really well for me. However, late last year when I purchased these and started to try them out, I found that I really like these a lot. These seaweed capsules are a lot different than Cure and I'm not using one to substitute the other, however I do use both interchangeably.

seaweed pack spread on my face

As always, I started with patch testing these to make sure they do not irritate my skin and that I don't get a negative reaction from them. After 1 week and 2 days of testing, they passed with flying colors and I began using them.

Although Innisfree's website says each pack is good for 2 to 3 uses, it's actually good for 5 to 6 uses per pack for me. Which is a lot. Since I don't use these every day, each capsule pack can last me about 2 weeks, which is really nice.

Since these packs comes in little containers, it also makes it more sanitary instead of a big tub. I always make sure to sanitize my spatulas before dipping them into these containers.

a blob of seaweed capsule recipe pack

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of heating when I first started to use the mask and I was afraid that the heating would become uncomfortable. However, it is actually rather pleasant. It's not like the mask super heats to a point that it feels irritating, rather, it heats up lightly and feels really comfortable. The heating is noticeable right when you spread the capsule pack on the face and then the feeling lightens over time as the mask sit on the face.

the seaweed pack spread out on the back of my hand

I like to do a light facial massage while the mask is on my face. Since the texture of the mask is gel like and it doesn't really dry, which makes it the perfect base for a light massage. I usually start up on my v-line, than move upwards and ends at my forehead. I think when I do the light massage, it also helps the micro particles gently exfoliate my skin. After my massage, I let the mask sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Each Seaweed pack has slits for the lids to go through

The seaweed capsule recipe packs targets aging issues, works to smooth wrinkles, and remove dead skin cells. I have minimal wrinkle issues, so I can't say if it works in that aspect. However, I do know that this mask does help remove dead skin cells. My face always feels so smooth, soft, and moisturized after using this wash-off mask. Plus, it brightens the skin a bit too. I do like that it can help strengthen my skin's defense against aging, although it's still early to see any noticeable signs.

lids don't reseal on its own

The biggest down fall for this seaweed capsule recipe pack, or any capsule recipe pack is its packaging. Mainly the 'lid' area. The pack is designed with reuse-ability in mind, however, it failed in its actual form. To be precise, the container is simply not great at resealing for future uses. Innisfree's instruction to reseal the pack is the insert the top flap into the slit and pull as seen above. That should seal the container until future uses. However, in actuality, it doesn't work. As seen in the picture above, even with the flap in the slit and pulled on, the sides are still not secure and it's kind of open.

There are ways to go around this issue though.
  • One, you can decant the product into another seal-able container to keep for future uses.
  • Two, use another similar size product and put it on top of the lid to hold it down. As seen in the picture below, I am using a sample size Banila Co Clean It Zero to hold down the lid.
  • Three, use a lid from a different product. As I have mentioned in my previous capsule recipe pack reviews, I've used lids from Lassie'el masks to cover these as well.
use Banila Co to seal the lids

-lightly exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells (good for sensitive skin types)
-smooth and softens the skin
-pleasant heating effects
-great as a light facial massage base
-each capsule has multiple uses
-pleasant scent
-easy to apply

- container not great for reseals

Each individual capsule recipe pack have its manufacturing date print on the side of the mask. As seen in the picture below, these packs were manufactured on Sept. 27, 2014.

manufacturing dates

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Final Thoughts: I have been loving these Seaweed Capsule Recipe Pack a lot and will definitely repurchase in the future. I thought I wouldn't like the heating aspect of the mask, however, that ended up being one of the reasons why I love this mask. It just feels so relaxing and I love that I can use it as a base for a light facial massage. The masks always leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized, which is wonderful. Plus, it also brightens too, although the brightening effects does not last long. I like that the mask is very easy to apply and each pack contains multiple uses. As with most capsule recipe packs, the downside of this Seaweed pack is its lack of reseal-ability. However, I've found that the methods I came up with to help reseal the packs works well, so I don't have to worry about the mask drying.

Where to purchase:

What do you think of these Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs?

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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own. This post contains some affiliate links, for more information check out the full disclaimer


  1. Very nice review!! hmm makes me want to try out these too! Have seen them before but never knew what to think about them. I would like to try out the canola honey, strawberry one and apple yoghurt ;) love the sweet stuff :)

    1. Thank you. Innisfree's global website have these on sale once in a while too~ I have the canola honey, strawberry yogurt, and apple yogurt capsule recipe packs in my queue too! ^^

  2. purchased two of these capsules a few months back. Are you sure that date is a manufacture's date? I purchased end of 2015 and the date on mine says 20180930

    1. I'm sure mine had manufacturing dates. I know it's a bit hard to see, but if you look at the end of the dates there are the words "제조" which means manufacturing date in Korean.

      I purchased mine when Innifree first started their global website. So a lot of their products then followed the Korean procedures, which was manufacturing dates instead of expiration dates. However, since it's different in the western markets, which is usually expiration dates, I believe they made the change to suit the different market better.

      By the way, if you see the Koreans words "까지" it means expiration dates. :)


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