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[C20] Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum Review

Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum Review

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What's one skin care product you have wanted to try but haven't? For the longest time, I've wanted to try a Vitamin C serum because it's suppose to help fade post acne marks, brighten the skin, reduce inflammation and boost healthy collagen production. One of my biggest worries is the post acne marks on my face, blended with some redness in the face, it looks like I am blushing all the time (in a not so pleasing way). After reading up about vitamin C serums and how they can help, I really wanted to try them. However, I encountered one problem. There are so many different kinds of vitamin C serums on the market with varying prices, how do I know which one is the best for me? I was lost in a sea of vitamin C suggestions and warnings that I put off vitamin C serums all together. 

That was a year ago, fast forward today, I am currently using the C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance serum. My first ever vitamin C serum to try too. It's definitely a new and interesting add to my skin care routine and I want to share with you guys what I've found. Read on to learn more!

it used to be named OST but was changed to C20

C20 Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum
30ml, $29.99

Product Description: Formulated with 21.5% of pure Vitamin C, this serum will provide a healthy dose of nutrients to the skin when applied. It can help brighten the skin, reduce skin pigmentation and blemishes, even out skin discoloration, and rejuvenate the skin. The formula contains no irritants or artificial ingredients. It's very easy to absorb and it's not sticky either.

To use: Cleanse and tone the skin first. Take 1 to 2 drops of the serum and apply it on the skin. If worn during day time, make sure to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Avoid sensitive areas. It's recommended to store the serum in a cool and dry area before and after opening. After opening, it can be stored in the fridge to help slow down the oxidation process.

Ingredients: Hippophae Rhamnoides Water (70%), Ascorbic Acid (21.5%), Sodium Lactate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract, Allantoin,Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol.

Pure Vitamin C21.5 serum packaging

Packaging: Like most vitamin C serums, this serum is contained in a darkened bottle to help slow down the oxidization process of the serum. The product comes in a simple orange box with description of the product, its ingredients and other information about the product. It comes with 1 dropper which replaces the lid on the serum bottle. It's recommended to keep the serum stored in its box even after it has been opened. The manufacturing and expiration dates can also be found on the bottom of the box.

Scent: The serum really doesn't have much of a scent. It's very light and hard to pick up.

Color: When I first opened up the serum, it was colorless. A clear liquid. Over time, it has become a little light yellow, but so small that it's not super noticeable unless you are looking for it. The turn of yellow is natural, although it also means that the serum should be finished faster. Because when the serum turns yellow, it means it is oxidizing. If it turns a yellow to dark yellow color, then the serum has oxidized and it should not be used.

Texture: The serum comes in liquid form and applies easily.

vitamin C serum, clear liquid

My Thoughts: I was very cautious with this serum because it's the first vitamin C serum I've ever tried. I patch tested this slowly and put it through a 4 weeks trial (before and after pictures on the bottom of the post). I was worried about 2 things: how well it would work on my skin and whether it'll irritate my sensitive skin or not. 21.5% vitamin C might not sound like a lot to some people but it can be too much for others. To be on the safe side, I started with patch test for 2 weeks. Initially, there were a bit of stinging, however, after some research online, the websites suggests that initial stinging is normal so I kept on testing. After 2 weeks of patch tests, I moved on to full face testing. I started with twice a week in the evenings only. After a week, I increased the amount to 4 times a week evenings only. One week after that I increased it to every evening. That's when I started my 4 weeks trials.

I wasn't going to use this serum both mornings and evenings because I was afraid that it would be too much for my sensitive skin. Plus I had another serum that I use during the day time, so I only used the vitamin C serum at night. The serum did help lighten my post acne marks and brighten the skin. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin, which is nice, although I only use it once per day in the evening, so that might also be why.

I usually cleanse and tone my skin first before applying the serum. After I apply the serum, I let it sit on my face for 30 minutes to work its magic, then I'll apply the rest of my skin care routine products. I usually use 3 drops of the serum and I place the drops on my palms than apply it to my face in a light patting motion. 

2 drops of the vitamin c serum

There were some issues with the serum. It's not exactly sticky per say, but it can be sticky. When you are applying the serum, there's a time when the serum becomes sticky. That stickyness goes away soon after, but it does exist. Also the serum does not play well with certain face creams. I had purchased WishTrend's At Home Acne Scar Treatment bundle special and it came with a water gel cream that is very good for the skin. WishTrend recommends the use of the water gel after the vitamin C serum, however, it might not be the best idea for everyone. Used after each other, the water gel and the vitamin C becomes sticky and not so pleasing. I found that for me, it worked best if I used a very light facial cream after. Be careful how you layer products after the vitamin C serum, some products, like the water gel, can make it very sticky. If you have a pet that sheds, your face will attract their fur more than ever. Trust me, I would know, I have a dog.

Another issue I found is that it didn't really help with blemishes. The product description promised to help with blemishes, however, it didn't work for me. I had several hormonal acne at the beginning of my 4 weeks trial. I purposefully skipped my normal acne patches and pink powder to see how well the serum would help with blemishes. Alas, they didn't really help at all. My blemishes took over 2 weeks to completely disappear. That's over a week longer than if I had used my acne patched or pink powder. So essentially, it just healed on its own.

Below you can see my before and after pictures for the 4 weeks trial. On the left is the before picture, you can see the redness from my skin and from my post acne marks. You can also see some active acne. On the left is the picture after my 4 weeks trial. You can see the post acne marks have significantly lessened. My face looks brightened. Although I still have some redness on my face, it's not as bad as before. (Although, that's debatable for different days as well.)

before 4 weeks trial process after 4 weeks trial process

-reduce post acne marks
-rejuvenates the skin
-brightens the skin
-does not feel irritating
-formula is easy to absorb

-can be sticky
-doesn't play well with some skincare products

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤  

Final Thoughts: For my first ever vitamin C serum, this turned out pretty great. I am especially happy with how well it lessened my post acne marks. I knocked it down a heart because it can feel sticky and it doesn't always play well with other products. When you layer other products on top it can turn sticky and unpleasant. I have another bottle of this on hand that I purchased and I'm going to see how well my skin looks after these 2 bottles before I decide whether I will purchase another or not.

Personally, I think this serum is a great start for those who are looking to try Vitamin C serum for the first time. It only cost 20 some dollars not hundreds like some other vitamin C serums. It's works pretty well and does provide nutrients to the skin. It provides a great idea as to what to expect from vitamin C serums and it can help someone decide whether it's good for their skin or not. I recommend this serum to those who are just starting out and want to try a vitamin C serum.

Where to purchase: (special promotion price~)

Until next time!

~ Michelle

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, however, all opinions are honest and my own. I was not compensated in any other way. This post contains affiliate link, full disclaimer here.


  1. Great review! I haven't read that vitamin c is supposed to help active acne. So far, everything I read indicates it only helps evening out discoloration and reducing fine lines a bit. For active acne, I've heard bha are better acids. Anyways, there's definitely a distinct change in you skin =) I have the same serum at home but I'm not very consistent. I'll definitely try to use it more regularly after seeing your results!

    1. I will look into BHA! I've been afraid of adding acids to my skin care routine (oh the horror stories on the internet) but I think I'll give it a second look and bring up the courage to try it. I think what motivates me to use the vitamin C serum is 1) seeing the results and 2) not wanting it to become oxidized before I can finish it. The thought of potentially wasting a good product does not sit well lol.


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