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Memebox I'm Dual Pore Brush Review

Memebox I'm Dual Pore Brush Review

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Guess what? I'm in love! With a pore brush. Never thought I'd say this but I think I found the one.

Once upon a time, I tried my first facial brush which led to my eventual purchased and use of my now sitting in the dust Clarisonic. Clarisonic wasn't great for my sensitive skin but I kept using it anyways because that baby is expensive. Finally, I convinced myself that it was harming my skin more than helping it, so I stopped using it. Ever since then, I jumped from facial brush to pore brush to pink (fishy shaped) silicone brush, and while all of them were okay, nothing really jump out. So when Memebox sent me their I'm Dual Pore Brush to review, I thought I was just going to lump it together with the other 'just okay' brushes. However, I was in for a surprise.

Memebox I'm Dual Pore Brush

I'm Dual Pore Brush

Product Description: A dual sided pore brush to help thoroughly cleanse the skin. One side of the brush is made out of ultra soft microfiber and the other side is of a silicone brush. The microfiber brush is made with 550,000 microfiber bristles that works to deep cleanse the pores without irritating the skin. The pink silicone brush side is made with gentle silicone bristle heads to help remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. The gentle silicone brush can also help to reduce puffiness. By gently pressing the brush against the skin and massaging lightly, it can help restore circulation and resilience to the skin.

To Use: Wet the microfiber bristles with warm water and add a small amount of facial cleanser. Gently massage on your face in circular motions. To use the the silicone brush side, apply the cleanser first (oil cleanser for facial massages), press the silicone brush against the skin, and massage in circular motions. This helps to loosen blackheads. After use foam cleanser (second step of double cleanser) and work in circular motions with it to help remove blackheads.

I'm Dual Pore Brush silicone brush head

Packaging: Memebox's brushes always comes in simple yet sleek packaging. The I'm Dual Pore Brush is pretty simple looking, but it looks nice at the same time. The box it comes with only has the name in English. Everything else is in Korean. I do wish they would make English versions of their products when they sell to their US market. It would be nice to know what it says, rather than trying to translate everything.

Color: The pore brush comes with a cream white microfiber brush head and a pink silicone brush head. The handle is white, it has the words 'I'm Brush' on the microfiber brush side and '#B007 Dual Pore Brush' and 'I'm Meme' on the silicone brush side. (By the way, the brush is called double o 7, ^-^).

Texture: I was surprised by the soft texture of the microfiber brush head. I really like that it's soft. It works wonderfully and does not irritate my sensitive skin. In fact, I use it every single night and it's also such a pleasant feeling. The silicone brush head reminds me of other silicone brushes I've tried in the past. The only difference is that it doesn't feel as pokey as others, the bristles are more rounded in a way. It makes it a great massaging tool.

I'm Dual Pore Brush microfiber brush head

My Thoughts: I was kind of surprised that I fell in love with this brush. Seriously, I thought it was just going to be like any other pore brush because it's so inexpensive. However, once I tried it out, it changed my views. The microfiber brush head is probably my favorite part of this pore brush. It is super soft yet effective. I can use it everyday (and I do use it every evening). It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin like other pore brushes, which is awesome! There are 550,000 microfiber bristles on the brush head, to help thoroughly cleanse. It also helps to foam up cleansers easily too. As for the silicone side, its bristles don't feel pokey. They work really well as a facial massage tool and helps to loosen up blackheads too.

I like to use the silicone side as a facial massage tool with my cleansing oil. I'll apply the oil on my face first, massage it around with my fingers. Then I'll take the silicone brush side and massage gently over the face. This works as a light facial massage to relieve stress and puffiness. It also helps to loosen blackheads. Once done, I'll wash off and go on to the second step in my double cleanse routine, which is the foam cleanser. I use the microfiber side to foam up the cleanser then apply it onto my face in a circular motion. I'll do this for about 2 minutes before washing it off. The combination of the 2, leaves my face thoroughly cleansed and ready for my toner, masks, serum, creams, etc.

microfiber brush head close-up

Before this brush, I have used other pore/facial care fiber brushes, Clarisonic, and other silicone facial brushes. After all of that, I still like this one better. Compare to Clarisonic, this is a friction of the price. I think its better for those with sensitive skin like me, because even with Clarisonic's sensitive brush heads, it was still a brush I could only use once a week because it would be too much for my skin. However, this Memebox I'm Dual Pore brush I can use once everyday with no issues. Oh and the Clarisonic brush head itself cost more than the I'm Dual Pore Brush.

I've tried quite a few fiber brushes in my time and I shared my thoughts on the JC Pore Cleansing brush from the Poreless and Perfect Memebox I purchased. In my opinion, the Memebox brush is better than the JC brush. Mind you it's about the same price but the JC only had 1 brush head and the bristles started to fall off after a while. A couple of years ago I purchased my first silicone facial brush. I've since gotten 3 different kinds (1 is a set from Sephora, one is from Sasa or Yesstyle, and the last is no name, I can't remember who). The most noticeable difference between these 3 and the Memebox brush is that the Memebox one seems rounder. As in each silicone bristle seems rounder and not as pokey feeling as the others. I like that I can use the I'm Dual Pore Brush as a massaging tool for my face without it feeling abrasive.

brush foaming the cleanser up nicely
-dual brush heads
-effective yet gentle
-easy to use
-for all skin types
-can be used as a facial massager

-not super sanitary

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

My Thoughts: I wish a dual pore brush as good as this was made sooner. That way I wouldn't have to have spent so much money on the others. However, better late than never I guess. I am in love with this brush and I can use this forever (unless I find 1 even better, if that's even possible). I love how effective this brush is yet it's super gentle as well, perfect for my sensitive skin. The price point is super awesome, as it's inexpensive. The brush is easy to use and I can use it as a facial massager. Totally in love with it, if you can't tell.

Would I purchase this in the future? Yes! I'm sure at some point I'll need to purchase a new brush, not sure when that will be though. However, when that day comes, I'll gladly shell over $9 (or $12) for this awesome brush. Do I think this is worth a try? Heck yes. If you are in the market for a new pore brush, you should definitely check this one out. Totally worth the money.

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