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Acwell Week of Mask: Wrinkle & Whitening, Soft Soothing, and Clear Heat Massage Review

Acwell Week of Mask: Wrinkle & Whitening, Soft Soothing, and Clear Heat Massage Review

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It's Mask Monday again! Today I'm going to be reviewing not 1, not 2, but 3 masks. Yay~ The reason why I'm reviewing all 3 of these masks together is because they are sort of part of a set. That is, the Acwell's Week of Mask set. There are 7 masks in the Acwell Week of Mask set, one for each day of the week. Here I have the Wrinkle & Whitening (Monday), Soft Soothing (Tuesday), and Clear Heat Massage (Saturday).

Acwell is a new brand for me. These masks here are the first products from this brand that I have ever tried, so I was quite excited. After a little research, it seems that Acwell's products focuses on caring for those with sensitive and troubled skin. Their products are formulated with oriental herbs to help heal the skin.

front of the packs

As someone with sensitive and acne prone skin, I was really excited to try these out. However, I also run into some issues with not being able to find ingredient lists for these masks. These packs list their point ingredients and the 7 types of oriental ingredients. However, they do not share their full ingredient lists. This made me super cautious because I'm sort of going in blind, so to speak.

Still I wished for the best because these packs are supposed to be good for sensitive skin types. I will say that patch test is a must because that seriously saved me some potential headaches.

back of the packs

Packaging: These packs all look the same in the sense that they follow the same template design. The front of the packs have their product names and some information. The information continues on the back. Most of the information are in Korean, with the exception of some Chinese and English. Unfortunately, these packs do not come with full ingredient lists. I imagine it's because there's no room. However, their product website also doesn't offer full ingredient lists. I really wish they did. These packs do offer the names of the 7 herbal ingredients it contains in Korean.

When I first got these packs, I thought they looked like the samples I've gotten from Innisfree. The famous Innisfree samples that I talk about often because they come in big pouches and have reseal caps. These are kind of similar but not exactly the same.

reseal lid


Acwell Clear Heat Massage Wash Off Pack

Acwell Clear Heat Massage Wash Off Pack
12g, $3.5

Product Description: A wash-off pack formulated with oriental herbs and volcanic ashes to cleanse the skin. It uses heat technology to help soften up deep-seated dirt and remove them with ease. Each pack is good for 2 to 3 uses.

To Use: Cleanse the face first. Apply this pack and massage for 1 to 2 minutes. Wash-off with lukewarm water and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

Clear Heat Massage Wash Off Pack spread on the back of my hand

My Thoughts: This is the only mask out of the 3 that never made it onto my face. It's also a mask that made me thankful I patch test every new product. Simply put, this mask irritated my skin and left some red bumps. I only patch tested on the back of my hand and wrist. Yup, tested it twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Both times, red bumps showed up and my skin on the back of my hand/wrist felt irritated. The irritation only came from this pack, so I imagine it's an ingredient in here that caused the issue. However, since there isn't a full ingredients list, I can't narrow it down to what it might be.

True to its name, the pack did heat up when I applied it. I can't say if the pack's heating is good or not because the pack irritated the areas I patch tested, so it didn't feel pleasant for me overall. I wonder if the heating has anything to do with the irritation. I have tried other heating wash-off masks in the past with no issues, so it must be an ingredient in this pack. I should mentioned that I was able to eliminate the 7 herbal ingredients from the potential irritation list as I did not get reactions from the other packs that also contains those 7 ingredients.

Michelle's Rating: ❤ ❤   

Acwell Wrinkle & Whitening Sleeping Pack

Acwell Wrinkle & Whitening Sleeping Pack
12g, $3.5

Product Description: Formulated with various botanic extracts, this sleeping pack works to brighten the skin and provide wrinkle care. This pack can help to even out skin tone and provide a healthy looking glow. Each pack is good for 2 to 3 uses.

To Use: Use this as the last step of your skincare routine. Take a good amount and masage it evenly over the face. Let it absorb and go to sleep. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.

Wrinkle & Whitening Sleeping Pack spread on the back of my hand

My Thoughts: This sleeping pack smelled very herbal like. Almost like Chinese medicine. I suspect, it's due to its oriental herbal ingredients. Good thing the scent isn't overwhelming but it is more than mild. As always, I patches tested and was happy to find that it didn't cause any irritations. I proceed to test on my face and I have to say, it was nice. It felt a bit soothing when applied. The next morning, I noticed that my face looked a bit more brightened and my fine lines looked a bit minimized as well. I do think these promised effects could have been better.

I like that each pack is good for 2 to 3 uses. For this pack in particular, I was able to get 4 and a half uses out of it. I think the amount of uses really depends on how much or less you apply each time.

Michelle's Rating: ❤ ❤   

Acwell Soft Soothing Sleeping Pack
12g, $3.5

Product Description: A sleeping pack formulated with herbal extracts and mint. It works to soften and soothe the skin. This sleeping pack can help to reduce redness and irritation while boosting the skin's immune system. Each pack is good for 2 to 3 uses.

To Use: Apply this at the last step of the skincare routine. Take an appropriate amount and massage it gently onto the face. Let it absorb before going to sleep. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.
Soft Soothing Sleeping Pack spread on the back of my hand

My Thoughts: This turned out favorite pack out of the 3. Like the others, it smells herbal like but at the same time minty, which is refreshing. This sleeping pack passed my patch test as well. What I like the most about this pack is its soothing effects. It actually provides a cooling effect as well. Together the 2 effects work to soothe irritated skin and help to reduce redness as well. I always like that it provides an immediate soothing feeling and the pack lessens the redness on my face over the night. In the morning, I'll wake up with soothed skin that feels soft to the touch as well, which is nice.

Michelle's Rating: ❤ ❤   


Final Thoughts: I always like to try new products because you never know when you'll find your next favorite. I was happy to find 1 pack of out the 3 that I really like. It was unfortunate that the Clear Heat Massage Wash Off Pack caused irritations and red bumps. That one I shall avoid. I was happy that the 2 sleeping packs didn't cause irritations. I do wish these came with full ingredient lists, so I know exactly what's in them.

Would I purchase any of them in the future? I will probably purchase the Soft Soothing pack in the future because my sensitive and acne prone skin really likes it. You can probably guess which one I will not be purchasing. Do I think any of these are worth a try? Well, maybe. I think those looking for a soothing pack that can help to reduce redness might like the Soft Soothing pack like I do. The Wrinkle & Whitening pack could be great for those looking for a bit of wrinkle and brightening care as well.

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