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End of 2015 Haul Part 2: TesterKorea

End of 2015 Haul Part 2: TesterKorea
Hey Dreamers and Creators!

Welcome to part 2 of our end of 2015 haul. This part of the haul is from TesterKorea. We made this haul at the end of November and it arrived at the beginning of January. It took quite a while but taking into consideration of the holiday season, it's not too bad. TesterKorea carries a huge variety of brands from internationally well known brands like Etude House to not so well known brands like No:hj. They even offer a Request section if you wish to request any items. Although, they may not always be able to find the requested item. For this haul we picked up quite a few things we wanted to try, let's get to know the goodies!

The overall look of the haul.
The shopping experience at TesterKorea is pretty decent. They offer a huge variety of products and also a Request section if you wish to request for any items. The products are easy to find and most comes with pictures. Some of them have odd translations but Google will save the day. We've only ever hauled from TesterKorea twice (this one included) but from our experiences preparations can take quite a while. So be prepared for that. Products can also go out of stock. Sometimes they will email you and ask if you want to change it to something else or get a refund, other times they will wait for stock. Both of which contributes for the long preparation time. If you are in the US or Canada, it would seem that the regular postal services are no long tracking RM tracking numbers. We noticed that with our latest haul but it eventually came, so yay!

Here's an overall look of the haul. We were most excited for the No:hj masks which we came across by accident on TesterKorea. We'll share more about them below. The gummy bear hand creams are also part of the most wanted list. We feel like this season brought around some of our favorite cartoon characters like Snoopy and Doraemon, so it's no surprise that we purchase some of those too. We purchased all this during TesterKorea's Black Friday sales too, so we managed to save some money as well.
No:hj masks in snail, goat milk, and 24k gold.
No:hj masks are probably some of the most exciting products in this haul. We were lured in by the book like packaging and stayed for the uniqueness of the masks. We got a full set of the snail masks, which came with the book covers (left) and also some of the individual masks as well. One of which is their Gold mask which actually has 24k gold flakes inside, how neat! We will definitely review these for Mask Monday!

Skin Food Royal Honey Essential Mist
We are pretty sure we bought this Skin Food Royal Honey Essential Mist due to its Snoopy design. Since we are on the hunt for awesome mists, it was a good excuse to add it to the cart. Hopefully it won't disappoint us. We'll probably review this mist in the future.
A'Pieu Doraemon cushion set
Doraemon! Ah, another favorite and it came with a Christmas theme too. A'Pieu had released regular Doraemon cushions prior to this but we held out for a little longer hoping they would create something Christmas themed and they did! This cushion is just adorable. We hope the A'Pieu cushion would work just as wonderful as its design. Be on the look out for a review of this cushion in the future.
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips talk
We feel like we can never have too much Etude House lipsticks (although we only have 2). Even though pink is not our favorite color, the cute princess designs are just too cute not to have. Guess we all secretly want to be princesses. Every time we see Etude House's lipsticks we just want to collect them all, although so far we've managed to refrain ourselves from doing so. This was actually on sale during TesterKorea's Black Friday deals, so we thought why not. We'll probably share our review of this lipstick in the future.
Sonata Diary phone cases
Okay, we know, this isn't beauty related. These are indeed phone cases and we purchased them because well, we wanted them. Believe it or not the phone cases were the real reason for an overseas order and the beauty products that came along with it were totally an afterthought. We had no idea TK sells phone cases until we looked and we are so glad they do because we got to pick up a variety of beauty products with it too. These phone cases actually came with clear covers and bejeweled headphones plugs. The colors are beautiful and they work well too.
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher
This Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher was the last item added to our cart and totally a spur of the moment purchase. It comes with a spare sponge which is nice. We've been wanting try more Too Cool For School products because their designs are so unique. Will report back on this blusher.
Skin Food Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Clean Gel/Gel/Cream
These Skin Food Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Clean Gel/Gel/Cream are a lot smaller than we expected them to be. We were hoping for giant gummy bears but that's okay because they smell divine. The grape one (right) smells amazing and you can actually pick up the scent from the outside of its packaging too. The Kiwi (middle) and Apple (left) both smells decent too. The designs of these are adorable and we actually wanted to pick up all of the choices. However, we decided to try out a couple first before getting the rest, in case we don't like them. Will do a review soon!
Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel
The Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel is a lot bigger than expected. It actually came with saran wrap on top and we thought it leaked or something but it didn't. We bought this to compare it to the other peeling gels we have. Plus it's in the shape of an egg, a giant egg may we add. Hopefully this works great as a peeling gel and we will review this in the future.
Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream
Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream was a buy of the moment. Neither of us has found the perfect eye cream yet and we are both on the hunt for something good. So we decided to give this a try. This eye cream is on the larger end. Coming in at 50g whereas most eye creams are usually 30g. Hopefully this works well for us. Will probably test it and then review it.
Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balms
One of us is a lip balm/tint balm lover, can you guys guess which? These Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balms seemed like a nice collection and totally worth a try. We both use lip balms on a daily basis but one of us has a small collection building up that's growing by the minute (okay kidding, maybe not that fast). That collection might have stemmed from combating dry and chapped lips but it's become finding the best lip balms/tint balms in the world. Welp, whatever the reasons, here are 3 more to that collection. You can expect a review on these in the future.
A'Pieu's Cushion Tok Concealers
We might be totally in love with the cushion trend and anything with the word cushion in it gets a second look. These are A'Pieu's Cushion Tok Concealers but not exactly the kind of cushion you may be thinking of. We purchased them because the tip is small and precise. Hopefully the formula is amazing too. We got both shades and will review them in the future.
Of course, we can't end the haul without some samples. Unfortunately, the TesterKorea haul didn't come with much samples at all. Actually, looking at it, this was probably the least amount of samples we've gotten from any of our orders in the past couple of months. A bit disappointing but it can't be helped.


We can't wait to test out all the products we purchased. A lot of products in this haul are really interesting and many will go through patch tests. We'll be sure to share our thoughts about them in the future. So look out for them if you are interested.

Did you make any end of the year purchases? If so, which product are you most excited about in your purchase? Let us know in the comments below~ 

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Until next time~

~ Helen and Michelle

Disclaimer: These products were purchased by us. All opinions are honest and our own.


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