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Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Review

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If there's one product I keep going back to year after year is this Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder. I always have it on hand (sometimes in its compact form) and I even get back-ups of it just in case. This Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder is my little savior and my best weapon to combat sebum on the go.

Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder is quite a popular product in Korea and is dubbed as the replacement for blotting papers. Its popularity has spread and with Innisfree's global online shop, it's much easier to purchase this product now. Innisfree is an eco-friendly company that uses natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and has a campaign dedicated to green life. You can learn more about Innisfree on their global website. For now, let's get to know this No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

5g, $7- $9

Product Description: An oil control mineral powder that helps to absorb sebum. It's formulated with Jeju green tea and mint to control sebum. It will leave the skin soft and matte.

To Use: Use this product as the last step of your makeup routine. Take the puff provided and gently apply the powder over your entire face or on areas that needs sebum control.

The product comes with a small sticker seal on the outside to indicate that it's new and unopened.


Please Do Not use if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

The mineral powder comes with a small puff.

Packaging: The design of this mineral powder is simple and sleek. Just like most Innisfree products. Its plastic container is lightweight and travel friendly. It also comes with a puff and a sticker seal.

Scent: Like most Innisfree product that contains Jeju green tea, its got that signature Innisfree scent that's a mix of green tea and floral notes with hints of herbal notes. Fragrance is added to this product, which might explain the floral notes. The powder's scent is light when applied but quite noticeable when you stick your nose into the container for a whiff.

Color: The powder looks white in its container but once applied it's more translucent.

Texture: The powder feels soft and blends easily.

A sticker seal comes with the product.

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this No-Sebum Mineral Powder. It's the one I've been going back to year after year and no doubt I will keep getting this. Unless, they either discontinue it or my oily T-zone decides to be not oily anymore. I'm usually more into compacts than powders, but for this specific product, I like it in either its powder form or its compact form. I actually almost always have both in my makeup pouch and it just depends on the day. I use this powder more in the summer times than winter times because in the summer times my skin leans more oily than combo and my T-zone gets extra oily. So, I need all the help I can get to get that sebum under control.

What I like about this product and what keeps me coming back year after year is its sebum control power. It really works, no joke. I only need to apply a small amount after my BB cushion or BB cream or foundation and it works to control my sebum. I'd say it lasts about 5 to 6 hours during the summer time for me before I need to do touch ups. As for the winter times it can last well over 8 hours with no issues. Aside from sebum control, the powder also makes the skin feels soft to the touch and creates a matte finish.

Unfortunately, the product's packaging sets it back a bit for me. Its small size and lightweight container makes it travel friendly but not user friendly. The holes inside the container where the powder comes out are sparse but large. So you tend to get powder coming out from one area instead of an even spread. The puff it comes with also isn't super helpful as it tends to pick up a lot more product than needed. I always end up bring my own brush to apply the powder.

It's good to note that this powder contains mica and other ingredients that can make you look ghostly under flash photography. So, if you know you are going to get your photo taken with flash photography, you might want to use another product.

a look at the mineral powder

-controls sebum
-matte finish
-pleasant scent
-travel friendly

-puff and container designs are not so user friendly

My Rating: ❤ ❤   

Final Thoughts: Despite its small set back with its packaging design, I still really like this product. Otherwise, I won't have made those repurchases. The packaging set back can easily be compensated by a portable brush, so it doesn't seem that bad. The product's sebum control properties are well worth it and anything else it offers just makes it even better. This is definitely a great product for those with oily skin or needs a product that has sebum control.

Would I repurchase this Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder? Yes x 100! I love the sebum control properties and I would buy it again in the future. Do I think this is worth a try? Yes, especially if you are looking for a sebum control powder that works and won't break your bank. If loose powders aren't your thing, you can also try this product in its compact form.

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