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My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask Review

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask Review

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This Mask Monday I want to share with you guys an old favorite of mine and that is this My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask. This is my go to mask whenever I feel like I'm going to need some oil control and pore care. It seriously works.

I think My Beauty Dairy masks were the first sheet masks I tried and the ones that got me hooked on masks too. I've been using their masks for years and years now and I always have a stash of them on hand. They have such a large selection (over 20 kinds of masks) and they are always improving their masks. Makes me want to try them all! However, I still go back to the tried and true masks because they just works.

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask
10 masks, $10 - $14

Product Description: The Apple Polyphenol mask is a pore caring and oil control mask. It contains apple fruit extract, aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, hibiscus flower extract, lemon peel extract, and more to hydrate, soften, purify, brighten and nourish the skin.

To Use: Cleanse the face first. Take the mask out of its pouch and remove its protective layer. Apply the sheet mask onto the face and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask and pat in the essence.

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, propylene glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel extract, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, triethanol amine, nasturtium officinale flower/leaf extract, laminaria digitata extract, fucus vesiculosus extract, gentiana lutea root extract, arnica montana flower extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, polysorbate 20, citric acid, sodium hyaluronate, enantia chlorantha bark extract, hydroxyethyl urea, hydrolyzed rice protein, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, codium tomentosum extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) bark/leaf/twig extract, hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, lecithin, polysorbate 80, PEG-15 hydroxystearate, carbomer, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, xanthan gum, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, glycosphingolipids, tocopheryl acetate.

Please Do Not use if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Butylene glycol and triethanol amine can be acne triggers for some, with levels of 1 and 2 respectfully. Carbomer can be a potential irritant for some people with a level of 1. The lower the number the better, as it means it'll have a less chance of happening.

back side of the mask pouch

Packaging: My Beauty Dairy masks comes in different versions. The original, which I have here and the English version. The only difference is the language on the mask's packaging. Even the original version comes with English ingredients and the name of the product in English as well. The mask pouch contains the mask and its protective layer which needs to be removed before you apply the mask.

Scent: I like the scent of this mask, it reminds me of apple cider. It has hints of fruity scents aside from the apple, but the apple cider scent dominates. The scent is not really strong but it is a bit more than mild. Fragrance is added to this product as well.

Color: The mask sheet is white and its essence is clear.

Texture: The essence is pretty runny and the sheet mask is soft but not too thin nor too thick. The sheet mask is easily tear-able, so you can adjusted it to fit your face. Which is pretty much what I like to do.

inside the mask pouch

My Thoughts: For the most part, My Beauty Diary masks fits well on my face. Since the mask is easily tear-able, I usually adjust it to make the mask fit ever better. (The last picture of this post will show you how I adjust my mask.) MBD masks always comes with a boat load of essences. Sometimes I'll apply the essence onto the mask once it dries a bit, other times I'll apply the essence all over my body like lotion. Either way, it's best not to waste it and put the essence to some good use.

The reason why I always have this Apple Polyphenol mask on hand is because of its pore care and oily control properties. The mask works to control and reduce excess sebum and helps to minimize the appearance of pores as well. I use this mask a lot in the summer times because my skin tends to lean more oily then and it helps to have a product that can control and reduce excess sebum. The mask also works to brighten, hydrate, soothe, nourish, and soften the skin. The brightening properties aren't as great as some of my favorite brightening masks, but for a mask whose primary care isn't supposed to be brightening, this is pretty good. The soothing feel and nourishing effects are really nice and my face always feels really soft after each use. I would say this isn't the greatest hydrating masks ever, but it does a decent job. Usually, the mask's skincare effects lasts me a little over a day, but sometimes even longer.

I found that to get the best effects of the mask's pore minimizing properties, it's best to use a clay mask beforehand. The clay mask helps to draw impurities out of the pores and preps the skin for the sheet mask. When there are impurities in the pores, it can cause pore enlargement.  However, once you cleanse out the impurities, there would be nothing inside the pores to cause it to enlarge. The sheet mask's pore minimizing properties can then help to minimize the appearance of pores and help it to return to its original state. It's good to note that this method might not work for some pores/people because everyone's skin is different. However, it's generally worked well for my pores.

sheet mask after its dried
The sheet mask after it dried. You can see I adjusted the chin, nose and forehead areas so the mask can fit better.
-provides pore care
-helps to control & reduce excess sebum

-one size fits all mask, might not fit everyone

My Ratings: ❤ ❤   

Final Thoughts: This My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask is a staple in my stash and I always have some on hand. I just really love the skincare properties it offers and how it works wonderfully for my skin. The mask feels soothing on my sensitive skin and it helps to nourish, hydrate, brighten, soften, provide pore care, and control excess sebum.

Would I repurchase it in the future? Heck yes! The amazing skincare properties it provides are what keeps me going back every time. Do I think this is worth a try? Yup! The mask offers a lot and if its skincare properties are what you are looking for in a mask, then give it a try! You might just find your next favorite mask.

Where to purchase:
-99 Ranch, T&T, etc. (These are Asian markets. 99 Ranch sometimes have MBD masks on sale for as low as $7-$8 a box.)

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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and our own. 

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