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Tosowoong Aloe Natural Pure Essence Review

Tosowoong Aloe Natural Pure Essence

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For the past few months, I've been using Tosowoong's Aloe Natural Pure Essence. Now, I want to share my review of it with you guys. This essence came in one of the Memeboxes I purchased a long time ago. It was lost in my stash until I dug it out this past Fall to test it. I've generally had positive experiences with Tosowoong's products, so I had a feeling I might like this one as well. Plus, aloe is one of my favorite ingredients as it's really soothing for my sensitive and acne prone skin. So I had high hopes for it. Anyways, let's get to know this Aloe essence and see if it's as awesome as I hoped for!

Aloe Natural Pure Essence packaging

Tosowoong Aloe Natural Pure Essence

Product Description: The Tosowoong Aloe Natural Pure Essence is a soothing and brightening essence. It's formulated with 75% aloe juice to calm irritated skin while moisturizing it. The essence is also formulated with EGF and adenosine to provide anti-aging care to the skin and boost the skin's elasticity. Niacinamide is another main ingredient in this essence which works to brighten the skin and can help to lighten hyper-pigmentation. The essence contains a blend of berry extracts, know as the V. Berry Complex, to nourish the skin. It contains 10 different berries which are blackberry, acai berry, raspberry, strawberry, bilberry, cranberry, aronia berry, blueberry, juniper berry, and sapindus mukurossi.

To Use: Cleanse and tone the skin first. Apply a generous amount of essence over the skin. Lightly pat the skin to help with absorption. Continue on with the rest of your skincare routine.

product information
Ingredients: Aloe vera leaf juice (75%), butylene glycol, glycerin, niacinamide, glycereth-26, purified water, rh-oligopeptide-1, glactomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, centella asiatica extract, betaine, allantoin, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, arginine, adenosine, aloe vera leaf extract (100ppm), aloe vera leaf juice (100ppm), kiwi extract, cucumber extract, sodium hyaluronate, blackberry extract, acai fruit extract, raspberry extract, strawberry extract, bilberry extract, cranberry extract, aronia berry extract, juniperus communis fruit extract, sapindus mukurossi fruit extract, blueberry extract, phenoxyethanol, ethylheslglycerin, disodium EDTA.

Please Do Not use if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

the pump

Packaging: Simple and to the point. The essence is stored in a pump bottle that's easy to use. The manufacturing date is on the bottom of the bottle and the product is good for 12 months after opening. Although the product comes with a good amount of information, most of it is in Korean. So it might be hard to understand if you don't speak the language. (However, I've translated as much as I can, like always, so you can find the information on the package in this review.)

Scent: The essence has a aloe scent that's fresh and not too strong. However, it is noticeable so be aware of that if you are sensitive to scents. The scent does dissipate after a while.

Color: The essence is clear as you'll see in the picture below.

Texture: The essence comes out a little gel like but once you start to spread it, it becomes watery. It's easy to use and it absorbs really quickly as well.
Essence is clear in color.

Michelle's Thoughts: This is a really good essence (especially for the price) and  really like it. However, it lacks a bit in the brightening properties it promises. As with every product that joins my skincare routine, the first course of action is patch testing (a month long process). I checked out its ingredients prior to testing it and it didn't look like I would be sensitive to any of it. Sure enough, no sensitivities or break outs. For an entire month, this was the only new product I introduced to my routine and again everything was good. After that the essence became a part of my routine and I use it every morning and night.

What I loved about this essence the most is its moisturizing and soothing abilities. It feels really nice on the skin and absorbs easily without leaving behind any residues. The essence also adds a layer of moisture to the skin and the aloe ingredient helps to calm my skin as well. When my skin is irritated and red, I use this essence to soothe my skin. I notice almost instant effects and my skin would feel less irritated. It's almost like using fresh aloe on your skin, except there's also a variety of other amazing ingredients in it as well. The essence's V. Berry Complex, fermented ingredients, and botanical ingredients provides nourishment to the skin. It helps to care for the skin over time and leaves lasting effects. These ingredients also provide anti-aging care for the skin over time as well. I didn't notice much change in my skin in terms of elasticity and plumpness at first. However, after a week my face felt more plump. The essence seems to help boost my skin's elasticity as well, which is a plus. Although, these effects do take some time to be noticeable, so be patient!

Now, the essence also promises to provide brightening care. Here's where it gets a little complicated. In a way, the essence does provide brightening effects. As you can see in the ingredient list, it contains ingredients targeting this area. So theoretically speaking, it should have good brightening effects. However, the issue here is that the effects are not as noticeable (or as potent) as its other skincare effects. So, it seems like it's lacking a bit. I didn't notice much difference over the past few months of using it, so it was disappointing. Especially since the essence mentions specifically that it's a brightening treatment, so I was really hoping for more than it actually provided.

Essence absorbs easily and doesn't leave behind any residues.

-easy to use
-provides anti-aging care

-not much brightening effects

Michelle's Rating: ❤ ❤    

Final Thoughts: I am so glad I dug this out of my stash and added it to my routine. It is an amazing essence and although it does have a flaw, I still love it lots. The essence comes with an impressive ingredient list and it provides some amazing skincare benefits. The natural aloe scent is really relaxing as well and adds to the calming feel the essence provides.

Would I repurchase it in the future? Probably. I do have a few other essences in my stash that I want to try before I make my final decision but this is definitely on the repurchase list. It works well and it's inexpensive, so it's totally worth it. Do I think this is worth a try? Yes! This essence contains a variety of nourishing ingredients and it offers some impressive skincare benefits. I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for an essence that offers these skincare benefits.

Where to purchase:
- Yesstyle.com
- Roseroseshop.com

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