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Yesstyle Beauty Box - Sweet Spring Makeup Kit Unboxing

Yesstyle Beauty Box - Sweet Spring Makeup Kit

Hey Dreamers and Creators!

We are back with another Yesstyle Beauty Box unboxing! Last time, Yesstyle released a Skincare Essentials box and it contained some nice products. This time, they launched their Sweet Spring Makeup Kit which includes a selection of full size makeup products and sample size makeup and skincare goodies.

For those who are unfamiliar with Yesstyle, they are an online beauty, fashion, and lifestyle retailer. We've been shopping with them for nearly 7 years now and if you frequent our blog or Instagram  you've probably seen a few of our hauls from them as well. They are one of our trusted sites to shop at and we've shared our thoughts on their site, membership program, customer services, etc., so check that out if you'd like. They have released a few beauty boxes and it seems like they will release more in the future as well. It'll be exciting to see what other beauty boxes they release in the future, but for now let's get to know the Sweet Spring Makeup Kit.
 Sweet Spring Makeup Kit Unboxing

The Sweet Spring Makeup Kit comes with 9 products in total. Five of them are full size products while the other 4 are samples. The products in this kit are good introductions to K-beauty makeup products and the kit contains enough to create a full face look. There are also a few skincare samples, such as cleaners, toner, serum, and emulsion to provide a sneak peek into K-beauty's skincare realm. This kit comes with products from both well known brands and not so well known brands. So it's a great way to discover different brands and try out their products.

product pamphlet

The Sweet Spring Makeup Kit includes the following products:

- RiRe - Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher | Full Size
- RiRe - Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix | Full Size
- Heimish - All Clean Balm (5ml) | Sample
- Thank You Farmer - Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB Cream + CC Cream Trial Set (3 pieces) | Sample
- Etude House - Pink Vital Water Trial Kit (Facial Toner + Serum + Emulsion) (3 pieces) | Sample
- A'PIEU - My Little Mascara (High Curling) | Full Size
- Berrisom - Oops Dual Contouring (No.01 Highlighter & Shading) | Full Size
- MCC - Accent Waterproof Eyeliner (#1 Accent Black) | Full Size
- COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser | Sample
RiRe Luxe Dual Stick 02 Shadow and Blush
RiRe Luxe Dual Stick
02 Shadow and Blush (in coral and pink) | Full Size

There are 3 types of Luxe Dual Sticks from RiRe and the one we have is the Shadow and Blush pair. The other 2 are the Highlighter + Shading pair and the Foundation + Concealer pair. Together, these Luxe Dual Sticks can create a full face makeup look. The Shadow and Blush pair that we have comes in the shades coral and pink. Both shades have creamy formulas that can be applied on the eyelids as eyeshadow and on the cheeks as blush.

Michelle: I've tried the Shadow and Blush stick a couple of times and so far I like them as blushes a lot more than as stick eyeshadows. Their creamy formula is fairly easy to blend on the cheeks (I like to blend it with my fingers) and it has decent lasting power. They won't last you a full day and I found mine usually starts to fade after a couple of hours of wear. However, if I use a powder blush on top, the powder blush usually helps it to last longer. I'm not a fan of using it on my eyelids as eyeshadows. The colors just aren't what I would usually wear, unless it's for a creative look of some sort. I did, however, test them out as eyeshadows and my semi oily lids just aren't fans of their creamy formula. Even with a good primer, they can still crease and shift around after a couple hours of wear. If you have semi oily or oily lids, I'd suggest using these as blush only.

Berrisom Oops! Dual Contouring #1 Highlighter and Shading

Berrisom Oops! Dual Contouring
#1 Highlighter and Shading | Full Size

The Berrisom Oops! Dual Contouring product is a 2 in 1 highlighter and shading product or 2 in 1 eye brightener and concealer product. The one we have is the highlighter and shading product. The product's highlighter works to create dimension and emphasis features with a touch of shimmery glow while the shading helps to hide/diminish/slim down an area and recede it into the background. Both sides of the shading and highlighting product comes with their own built-in wand applicator to help scoop out the product. The product comes in the box packaging seen above and has diagrams showing how the product can be use.

Michelle: So far, I have a love-hate relationship with this product. Both the highlighter and shading product have this creamy, slightly mousse like texture. They are fairly easy to blend (I used my Beauty Blender) and a little goes a long way for them, especially for the shading color. Color wise, I like the highlighter better than the shading color. The highlighter is a pinkish beige color with a hint of shimmer. It looks pretty good on my skin once blended out but you will want to work with it as it can look cakey if you don't blend it out well enough. The shading color is the one I have the most issues with. I think the shade is just not a good match for me.
RiRe Lip Manicure Rogue Highfix 09 Brick Red
RiRe Lip Manicure Rogue Highfix
09 Brick Red | Full Size

RiRe's Lip Manicure is a richly pigmented liquid lipstick. It comes in 11 different shades and the one we have here is #9 Brick Red, which is a beautiful calm orange red color. This liquid lipstick has a gloss like texture and once it dries, it stays nicely on the lips without any sticky feelings.

Michelle: I actually have this liquid lipstick in Wine Burgundy, which is a pretty burgundy wine color true to its name. I've been using this on and off for a while now and it's good but not perfect. Brick Red is the same as Wine Burgundy in terms of formula, pigmentation, and scent. Both lip liquids are really pigmented but you can create a not so bold look with them as well by applying less product. I can use the Lip Manicure to create a gradient lip look, bold lips, or anything else in between. This liquid lipstick has a fairly long lasting formula. Once it dries, it stays. Although, throughout the day there can be a little transfer here and there when you drink/eat but most of its color stays.

MCC Accent Waterproof Eyeliner
MCC Accent Waterproof Eyeliner
#1 Accent Black | Full Size

The MCC waterpoof eyeliner is a pigmented creamy liner. It comes with a removable sharpener to keep the tip point precise and allows for smooth application. The liner's waterproof formula ensures that it stays in place throughout the day as well.

Helen: I have a lot of eyeliners and I go through them rather slowly, even though I use them quite often. This one is a pretty decent eyeliner but it does not stand out from the lot I have. Its color is not fully black but more like a grayish black that is more black than gray. This eyeliner does have a waterproof formula and it lasts all day too. However, keep in mind that my eyelids are neither oily nor dry, so I do not have to worry about smudging as others might. I find this liner is easy to apply and glides on smoothly. It also comes with a sharpener that I can use to keep the tip pointed.

 A'Pieu My Little Mascara (High Curling)
3.8g | Full Size

This High Curling mascara from A'Pieu has a slightly curved wand to lift and define the lashes from root to tip. Its long lasing formula coats each lash, providing plenty of volume without weighing it down.

Michelle: I have to say I'm really impressed with this mascara. I can't remember the last time I used a $4 mascara that gave me length and volume without clumping or weighing my lashes down. This A'Pieu mascara did all that and it has decent staying power too. It's almost as good as my $20+ mascaras, which is saying something. One downside of this mascara is that it can smudge and it's not waterproof. However, I just simply wear a top coat over it and it solves all those problems. Something to note about this mascara is that it's on the small side. It's about the size of deluxe mascara sample, which might also explain its inexpensive price as well.
Etude House Pink Vital Water  Toner, serum, emulsion
Etude House Pink Vital Water 
Toner, serum, emulsion | Sample Size

Helen: These are samples from Etude House's Pink Vital Water line. It includes their facial toner, serum, and emulsion. I was able to get 2 uses out of each sample but it was not enough to say if they are effective or not. However, I will share about their texture and scent. All 3 products have similar scents, which is a light floral scent with a tiny hint peach. The toner's texture is fluid but it is thicker than water. The serum is like a runny lotion and as you apply the product, its texture turns more watery. Finally, the emulsion is like a facial lotion. It is thick enough to hold its shape but still light and thin enough to be easily spread and absorbed.
Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Sample Size

Michelle: This is the popular low pH cleanser from Cosrx. It's a favorite for a lot of people, including myself. This cleanser is effective, gentle on the skin, and it's inexpensive too! I recently wrote a full review on this cleanser, so feel free to check that out! The only issue people might have with this cleanser is its scent, which is a tea tree herbal scent. It's fairly strong and tea tree scent in general is just a hit or miss for most people. I got used to the scent over time but on days when I'm extra senstive to scents, I reach for my less scented cleanser instead.

Heimish All Clean Balm

Heimish All Clean Balm
5ml | Sample Size

Helen: This has been on my wishlist for a while and the only reason why I have not gotten it is because I still have not finished my current oil cleanser. I have heard good things about the Heimish balm cleanser and I am glad I got to test it out. This balm cleanser  reminds me of the Banila Co. Clean It Zero except its texture is a bit firmer. It still melts easily onto the skin and removes makeup effectively as well. The scent will be the only thing I need to get use to if I do decide to purchase the full size.  As it is a mix of earthy, herbal and citrus scents and I am not too fond of it.
Thank You Farmer  Sun Essence, BB Cream, CC Cream

Thank You Farmer 
Sun Essence, BB Cream, CC Cream | Sample Size

Helen: Thank You Farmer is another brand I have been waiting to try for a while. So these samples were really helpful. The Sun Essence is nice. It does have a shimmer but it is not too much and it adds a nice glow to the skin. The BB cream provides a natural coverage and does not feel heavy on my skin either. It can settle into fine lines but a good primer can help to prevent that. Out of the three samples, the CC cream has to be my favorite. It adds a nice radiant glow to my skin while providing the natural coverage I seek.

Final Thoughts: Yesstyle's Sweet Spring Makeup Kit is a good selection of full size and sample size products. For us, these selections were great as we ran into a few new brands, some old favorites, and a few that's been on our to try list. The price of this box is pretty good too. It's a little cheaper than the price of the five full size products together. We are quite pleased with this box and we believe the Yesstyle team did a great job curating this box. The value and variety is there and we liked almost all of the products included.

Have you tried any of these products yet? What are your thoughts on them? Let us know in the comments below!

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