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Welcome to Dreams To Creations!
Helen (the mom) on the right, Michelle (the daughter) on the left, and Momo (the AKK) in the middle.
Hey there, and welcome to our little corner of dreams and creations. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we are a mother-daughter blogging duo and this is our blog. We both love skin care, makeup, DIYs, food, travel and all the other things in life that makes life, well, fun! We started Dreams To Creations to share our experiences on beauty, DIYs, food recipes, travel, etc. and hope our readers will share their experiences with us as well. 

Dreams To Creations is a beauty and lifestyle blog, sharing the experiences and opinions of Helen (the mom) and Michelle (the daughter). We are collectors of all things beauty related and are on our journey to happy and healthy skin/lifestyle! We are lovers of crafts, food, and traveling. Beach goers, addicted to TV dramas.  Pet lovers, tea drinkers, and creators, making our dreams come true one step at a time! 

The Blog - Dreams To Creations  

Our blog, Dreams To Creations, was created as an outlet for our love of makeup, skincare, cooking, DIYs, travels, and whatever else intrigues us. It's a great place for us to share what we know and learn from others!

Here on the blog, you'll find reviews of beauty products we have tried, whether they be skin care products, makeup goodies, or body care products. It's a Western and Eastern mix of brands that ranges from drugstore brands to luxurious brands. Our beauty interests have (almost) no boundaries. Dreams To Creations features in-depth product reviews with photos and swatches. Our mission is to help beauty lovers find the best products for their skin, the best deals for their wallets, and the best holy grail (products) worth the splurge. Aside from the reviews, you'll also find beauty DIY tutorials on the blog too!

As for the lifestyle side of things, you'll find a mix of food recipes, travel recaps and tips, DIYs, and home decor. We are not experts in these areas but we do hope our experiences and knowledge can help our readers while entertaining them. 

We also have a blog mascot and that is our adorable Momo who is an Alaskan Klee Kai. You'll see posts about him periodically. But if you want to see more of him, you can follow us on our Instagram where you'll see pictures and updates of him more frequently! 

Momo the Alaskan Klee Kai

     Have fun and take a look around. Feel free to contact us

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Dream Big! 

~ Helen and Michelle


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