Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DIY: Innisfree Green Christmas DIY Kit - Ornament

 Innisfree Green Christmas DIY Kit - Ornament
 Hey Lovelies! It's Christmas Eve! I can't believe the year has gone by so fast and 2015 is just around the corner. 2014 has been a roller coaster ride for me with plenty of ups and downs, how about you guys? Still, I'm excited for the new year and all the new adventures it will bring. Today, I'm doing my first DIY post! I love to craft and I craft a lot in my spare time. However, I always forget to take pictures while I craft so I haven't made a DIY post yet. I will try to remind myself to take pictures so I can post them and share with all of you. This DIY kit is the Innisfree 2014 Green Christmas DIY kit I got in my recent haul. I was pretty excited to make them, let's check out what they are!
 Innisfree Green Christmas DIY Kit
 Here's what came in the box of Innisfree Green Christmas DIY Kit. 2 sets of yarn thread, a sewing kit that includes needle and straps for hanging the ornament, 3 message cards, instruction booklet, and 2 wooden plates. The instruction booklet came in 5 different languages and English was one of them. It also came with stitch designs (pictures at middle of post). What's amazing about these kits are the for every one sold, Innisfree will donate a portion of the sales proceeds to help children in need. 
 Here's the 2 sets of thread. It's plenty to make more than 2 ornaments which is great!
needles and straps
 The sewing kit included 2 needles, a threading needle and 2 straps for hanging the ornaments.
stitch designsStitch designs
 There are a total of 8 stitch designs. The first 2: Green Christmas and Ringing Jingle Bell. The 3rd and 4th stitch designs: Wishing Santa and Cute Snowman.
stitch designsstitch designs
 The 5th stitch design is Winter Tree and the 6th is Christmas Berry. The 7th is Cupid Rudolph and 8th is Smiling Child.
semi-finished product
 I ended up making only one and it's the Wishing Santa. I didn't follow the instructions and kind of just made it how I like so it didn't come out as neat lol. I had to go back and fix some areas and there's still some things I need to fix. But it doesn't look that bad does it? I have 1 more wooden plate to play with, I think I will make that one perfect by following the instructions lol. Innisfree also has a video about the DIY set, with Yoon-a and Minho making the ornaments. 
wishing santa diy ornament
Finally, I'm really happy with this set of DIY kit and totally had a blast making it. I was dancing to some kpop while making my Santa. I wonder if that contributed to it being uneven. Anyways, it is a time consuming diy, it might not look it but it took me a couple of hours to finish it. Although I was dancing and being distracted, so that might explain why it took so long. So, what do you guys think? Do you like DIY kits like this? Would you like to see more DIY posts? Let me know in the comments below! Happy holidays everyone and a early Merry Christmas!~

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