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Unboxing: Memebox Oh! My Lips Superbox

Hey Beauties! How was your weekend? Hope it was full of fun adventures! The holidays are almost here, are you doing something special? We are thinking about driving up to Big Bear or Lake Tahoe to play in the snow. It will be Momo's first time seeing the snow and I'm sure he'll be very excited! Anyways, today I'm bringing you guys the unboxing of Oh! My Lips Superbox from Memebox. Memebox is a Korean beauty box company that sells none subscription boxes. More information here. I got the Oh! My Lips box with the Cleanse and Tone box in a bundle for $46 plus $6.99 express shipping. I really wanted this box when it first came out because I get chapped and dry lips easily and I was hoping this box would contain some wonderful products to combat those issues. Let's dig in to see if this box contain the products to treat chapped and dry lips!

★     ☆     ★     ☆     ★     

Vivito Dessin Solution Lip and Eye Remover
Vivito Dessin Solution Lip and Eye Remover
100ml, $32

An eye and lip makeup remover that will effectively cleanse away stubborn makeup and impurities on eyes and lips. It's a dual solutions remover, so shake it before using. The formula contains a gentle blend of lemon grass oil and rosehip oil which provides soothing and moisturizing effects. To use, shake well first than pour onto cotton pad. Gently whip away eye and lip makeup.

I was not expecting an eye and lip makeup remover in this box and I can't see it as a product to combat dry and chapped lips. However, I am actually okay with this product being in the box. The main reason is that I am almost done with my current eye and lip remover and was debating on a new 1 to buy. Since I got this one now, I won't have to worry over which remover I should purchase. Another reason why I'm okay with this product is that I really like the Vivito brand. All Vivito products I've gotten so far are pretty good quality and I like it a lot. So no complaints here.
 Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm
 Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm
12g, $24, 02 Berry Farm

A tinted lip balm with a jelly texture. It moisturizes and provides nutrition for dry lips. It contains a blend of blackberry, orange peel, grape, cacao seed butter and other natural ingredients to rescue any dry and chapped lips! It also comes in an adorable tin case for easy on the go use.

The was the spoiler for this box and also one of the reasons why I got it. I can never have too much lip balms, especially for my dry and chapped lips. I already love the Vivito brand because of their amazing quality, so I knew I would like this product. Now, for a lip balm, this thing is quite expensive. So I'm hoping for miracles. Will report back on how well it works in a few weeks!
SR Lip Scrub
 SR Lip Scrub
30ml, $12

SR Lip Scrub will exfoliate away dead skin cells on the lips. It works to soothe and hydrate dry and chapped lips with it's enriched formula of Argan oil, Tocopherol, grape seed oil, and Vitamin E. The scrub contains micro beads that will gently soften and smooth out rough lips for a more supple pout!

Now this is a brand that's completely new to me. Since my first Memebox, I've discovered a lot of new brands, which led me to discovering some amazing products. I've been looking for a good lip scrub that does have a plumping effect like the one I got in the Sam S. and Memebox collaboration box. This product contains some amazing and intriguing ingredients, although the product card says it contains snail filtrate and pearl extracts, it actually does not. List of ingredients below. I patch tested this product, just in case, and was happy to find that the micro beads aren't super abrasive. So it won't feel like I'm scrubbing off my lips. Super happy with this lip scrub, as it is exactly what I was hoping for in this Oh! My Lips box.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, polyethylene, titanium dioxide, glyceryl stearate, beeswax, grape seed oil, argan tree kernel oil, macadamia seed oil, plastic acrylamide, C13-14 isoparaffin/Laureth-7, Caprylic/Capric Triglyveride, microcrystalline wax, triethanolamine, chlorophenetyl nesin, allantoin, lavender extracts, fressia extracts, chamomile flower extracts, rosemary leaf extracts, tocopheryl acetate, betaine, Centella asiatica urban extract, Portulaca Oleracea extracts, aloe vera leaf extract, niacinamide.
 Lassie'el Kiss Me! Glam Up! Lipstick
6 pieces, $6

They might looks like one time disposable lip tattoos, but they are totally not! Instead they are pigmented lipsticks packaged into cute lip cards that can be taken for on the go uses. Each lip card is good for a couple of uses, but definitely more than once! The cards comes in 6 different shades, which are Lucid Orange, Lovely Pink, Oriental Red, Natural Coral, Vintage Pink, and Creamy Nude. For best application, use a lip brush and gently apply the product to lips.

I seriously thought these were lip tattoos before I read the card. I've only had 1 experience with lip tattoos and it was already 1 too many for me, so if I had gotten lip tattoos, I would have been so upset. Fortunately, these are not lip tattoos. Instead they are just lipsticks in a different package. While the package says it's great for on the go, it also says to apply it with a lip brush. I don't ever bring a lip brush on the go lol. The product should come with 6 different shades, however I only got 5. The shade I didn't get is Oriental Red. I'm a bit sad as I won't be able to play with all 6 colors. The other down side is that they aren't products to combat dry and chapped lips. Still, I like them, so that's all that matters.
Rosemine Vitamin E Lip Balm
Rosemine Vitamin E Lip Balm
12g, $7, Mint Tea

Rosemine lip balm scented with a fresh mint and herbal fragrance, this Vitamin E lip balm will coat over dry and chapped lips with a moisturizing layer to lock in moisture and protect lips from dehydration. It's formulated with vitamin E, ceramide, peppermint extracts and five different kinds of mositurizing essential oils.

I wasn't expecting another lip balm in this box. I was really hoping for a lip mask or something different. While I always welcome lip balms, I still like to see a variety of products in a box. However, the lip balm does sound really promising with its ceramide and moisturizing essential oils, so I will save it for future use.

★     ☆     ★     ☆     ★     

Final Thoughts:

This box was not what I expected, however, I still ended up loving it. The monetary value for this box isn't good, but I will be using all the products in this box, so it's a good box for me. The 2 Vivito products are my favorites in this box and I'm happy with the SR lip scrub as well. Overall, it's a decent box to combat dry and chapped lips and now I have a stash of lip products to take care of any dry and chapped lip issues!

Until next time and dream big!

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