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Unboxing: Memebox January Box

Unboxing: Memebox January Box

It's Meme Monday again! Today, I will be unboxing Memebox's Global #19 box, also known as the January 2015 box. I purchased the Global #19 box in a global box bundle with #17 and #18, together the trio costed $75.99 (including shipping), so about $25 per box. Global boxes has always been popular since they were introduced by Memebox. While not every Global box has been amazing, most don't disappoint, which is why they always sell out so fast. Although, I have to say, my first 2 global boxes, #17 and #18 were rather disappointing, so #19 was my make or break box. With the recent changes to Memebox, both box wise and company focus wise, I was afraid that #19 would be as bad as #17 and #18. Actually, I was afraid that the changes would jeopardize all boxes Memebox make and that would make me rather sad, since Memebox has introduced me to an amazing range of Korean beauty brands that I would have otherwise not heard of, much less try it out. So a lot was riding on this box, let's dig in to see if Memebox delivered and made an amazing Global #19 box or has its recent changes took a turn for the worse.

January Box
If you are new to Memebox, they are a Korean beauty box company that sell non-subscription beauty boxes as well as Korean beauty products. They also have their own line of beauty products as well. Their boxes contain full size and deluxe size products that used to be shipped straight from South Korea but are now shipped from US and to US addresses only. They also have a China branch, which only sells to China and a South Korea branch which sells only to South Korea. I wrote a comprehensive Q and A post about them not too long ago, so if you would like more information on Memebox, you can check it out.
★     ☆     ★     ☆     ★     
Syndrome Cosmetic CB Revitalizing Fermentation Essence and Cream Gold
Syndrome Cosmetic CB Revitalizing Fermentation Essence
1g x2, sample packets

Product Description: Formulated with anti-aging bifida and skin repairing galactomyces, this essence works to maintain skin' natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition. It will nourish the skin and balance it to keep the skin healthy. To use, apply it onto cleansed face. Gently pat the essence in. Can be used during day or night time.

Syndrome Cosmetic CB Cream Gold
1g x2, sample packets

Product Description: A facial cream that works to visibly brighten the skin tone instantaneously. It creates a brighten complexion to make the fresh faced look. It also has anti-aging properties and works to moisturize the skin throughout the day. To use, apply to areas of the face that you want to brighten and massage until its been fully absorbed

My Thoughts: I thought I'd write my thoughts on these 2 products together since they are both from the same brand and are both sample packets. I was not expecting sample packets and certainly didn't think Memebox would count these as 2 separate products. However they did, so essentially, this box only has 5 full size products, with 4 pouch samples. The 2 products sound promising, though with only small sample pouches, it will be hard for me to determine whether I'll like them or not. Still I shall patch test them and see how I feel about them.
Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner front packagingSecret Nature Moringa Seed Toner
Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner
130ml, $31

Product Description: A gentle toner that clarifies and hydrates the skin. It contains Moringa seed extract, hibiscus flower extract, fermented lotus flower, and purified water to create a soothing toner that will hydrate the skin by locking in moisture. Its natural ingredients will help revitalize stressed skin and prepare it for the next steps in the skin care routine.

My Thoughts: I have a lot of toners, really a lot. However, I am still very excited for this one. I most likely won't be using this any time soon although since the manufacturing date is early January 2015, I know I have plenty of time to use it. I love the packaging of this toner, its frosted glass and lid makes it look very nice. This toner is also suppose to help remove makeup residues, although I hope that by the time I'm done with my double cleanse there won't be any residues left. I was going to hunt down the ingredient list and put it into CosDNA to check. However, some nice soul has already done so (although they didn't leave a name on there for me to thank), so I will just link to that CosDNA list. (If you are the nice soul who put the Moringa seed toner ingredients into CosDNA and are reading this right now, Thank You~~)

Mimi Lauryne's Beauty Lesson Hand Cream
Mimi Lauryne's Beauty Lesson Hand Cream
50ml, $17, Rosee Fleur

Product Description: Hand cream enriched with macadamia seed oil that will give some intensive love to your hands. Its formula will deliver doses of moisture and anti wrinkle properties to protect the hands and nails, making them feel soft and moisturized. To use, apply a small amount of hand cream onto clean hands and nails. Reapply when needed.

My Thoughts: Hand creams. Why am I not surprised anymore that I see hand creams in just about every one of my Memeboxes? As I've said before, if your going to include hand creams, Memebox, can you make sure they are cute? Like the Etude House Castle hand cream or the Tony Moly apple hand cream. I dislike the packaging of this hand cream. It's too busy, too much words in too little space. Not okay. Another down side is that this hand cream tube is too long. It will not fit into my messenger purse and it's quite inconvenient to bring something like this everywhere. If I end up really liking this hand cream I'll probably have to transfer it into another container. If I end up finding it meh, I think I'll just use it at home. I do like that I got the floral scent one, as I love floral scent hand creams.
Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita-Capsule Cream
Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita-Capsule Cream
30ml, $24

Product Description: A brightening vitamin C cream to help reduce the appearance of pores and fade dark spots/pigmentation. It uses an innovative encapsulation technology which allows the cream to deliver pure and potent vitamin C formula into the skin. This cream can be used individually or mixed with your daily moisturizer to provide optimal results.

My Thoughts: Oh My! This product sounds very interesting and I am so excited to test it out. I have been looking for a product that will minimize pores and this sounds like it will do just that. I have also been looking for a product to lighten my post acne marks, so if this cream can do both it would be amazing! I think I will try this by itself first before mixing it in with any of my moisturizers. Will report back on this!
PurePlus+ Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam
PurePlus+ Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam
80ml, $12

Product Description: A foam cleanser formulated with this skin perfecting blend of acai berries and other super berries. They work together to cleanse the skin and leaving it refreshed and supple. It's Antioxidant rich fruit blends plus its multi fruit acids can effectively remove makeup and impurities on the skin without striping it. Plus it can add elasticity to the skin as well.

My Thoughts: This sounds like it could be a good cleanser. Although, since I just started using a new cleanser, I won't be using this anytime soon. I heard great things about PurePlus+'s lip treatment and is on the hunt for the Strawberry one. So I hope their greatness transfers to this foam cleanser as well. Can't wait to test it and try it!
The Choute Aurora Pearl Base Ingredients The Choute Aurora Pearl Base
The Choute Aurora Pearl Base
30ml, $18

Product Description: A mutli tasking primer that creates the perfect complexions with micro light deflectors that catches and reflect light. Its got a light pearlescent pink base that isn't overbearing and it works to highlight, sculpt, and contour the face while providing a subtle radiant glow. This pearl base is formulated with peppermint extract, lemon balm and other natural ingredients (refer to ingredient list above) to help hydrate the skin by locking in moisture and brighten the overall complexion. Use after you've finished your skin care routine by taking 3 to 4 pumps of the product and spread it evenly over the face. It can be used alone or under makeup.

My Thoughts: Unfortunately, this Aurora Peal Base is more of a highlighter than a base. Its pearlescentness is just a bit too strong to be used as a base, especially on my combination to oily skin. It would work better as a highlighter instead, in my opinion. I might wear this as a base under heavier makeup, as that will most likely cover a lot of the sparklingness (yes, I tend to add "ness" to a lot of words lol). However, this would not work as a day to day makeup base, at least not for me. It's too bad because I am actively looking for an awesome makeup base that will meet all the needs my skin has and so far I've had no luck. One day, I shall find it and add it to my HG list.

★     ☆     ★     ☆     ★     

Final Thoughts: Well folks, that's all for this Memebox January Box formerly known as the Global #19 box. I'm not sure why they changed the name but they did. This Global box was my make or break box, in terms of purchasing future Global boxes. That is, assuming, Memebox will be making more Global boxes, since the recent crazy changes means nothing is certain. However, I find that I actually like this box a lot more than the previous 2 Global boxes. The sample pouches in this box was definitely disappointing. I mean, if they are going to include sample pouches and count them as 2 separate products, at least give 5 each so we can test it thoroughly to know if we want to purchase the full size in the future or not. At least make it count for the customers. But, aside from the sample pouches, I will use everything else in the box. A couple of which I am excited to try as well. Overall, I think this box is a lot better than the previous 2 Global boxes. Not the best Memebox ever but definitely not the worst!

Until next time and dream big!

Disclosure: The products were purchased by me and all the opinions are honest and my own. 


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