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Review: Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

When Etude House released these My Castle hand creams, I fell head over heels in love with them. They are just way too adorable and as someone with a soft spot for cute cosmetic packaging, I knew I had to get them. Etude House is known for their cute and princess-like packaging, which was what drew me to them in the first place. So it's no surprise that they created something as adorable as these. I do think these are their best work yet, in terms of cute cosmetic packaging. From the fitted size, to the designs and details, these are perfect as gifts for others or yourself. I purchased this set  for $24 from Etude House's global website. Although the set is not available, they still sell each hand cream individually at $6 a piece. Let's get to know them and why you should get them!

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream set and box

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream
Set of 4 x 30ml, $24, Ice Frozen, Pink Wish, Sweet Cookie, Forever Rose

Product Description: Fantasy like hand creams formulated with Shea Butter, lavender extracts, aloe extracts, centella extracts, chamomile extracts, and lemon verbena leaf extracts. It will provide a moisture shield for your hands. Its non-sticky formula feels fresh and cool when applied while accompanied by it's amazing scent.


Ice Frozen: Blue 1 (Cl 42090)
Pink Wish: Red 33 (Cl 17200), Yellow 5 (Cl 19140)
Sweet Cookie: Yellow 5 (Cl 19140), Yellow 6 (Cl 15985)
Forever Rose: Red 33 (Cl 17200), Blue (Cl 42090)

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream completed display

My Thoughts: Adorable would be an understatement for these 4, as they are so much more than that. I purchased the set of 4 together because I knew I wanted them all and they came in this cute cardboard case. You can reassemble the case to the presentation above, which has a background of the castles and fireworks. My case got a little damaged but it was nothing a little glue couldn't fix. In terms of packaging, these would be A++. I think their sizes are perfect as well, it might look small but the products actually lasts a long time and you have 4 different scents to choose from, so you'll never get bored. I have these set up on my desk at home and they make some cute decorations.

 My Rating: ❤ ❤   

Ingredients wise, these are not bad at all. It's got the basics in most hand creams, plus some nice add on plant extracts, such as aloe and chamomile that I like. It's nothing too amazing, but it will help moisturize dry hands anytime. The cream itself is a bit thick but not sticky and it feels cool and moisturizing as you apply it. I would recommend these for at home uses, or at least not on the go uses. Since the designs on the 4 sides of the containers are stick-ons and putting them in a purse with keys, wallet, and other things could mean potential destruction. Not that it's going to explode or anything, but it might get scratched up. The back of the cardboard box has stories for each Castle Hand Cream, however, it is in Korean and I wasn't able to find the translations for them, so it's not pictured. All 4 hand creams have these clear plastic circle sheets inside the lid, separating it from the hand creams. No doubt to keep it clean during shipment. I kept the plastic circles on some of the hand creams but removed them from others because they were dipping into the hand creams.

Now, let's take an in-depth look at each My Castle Hand Cream~

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Sweet Cookie

First up is Sweet Cookie! The brown lid container with cookie and candy design kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. The design includes cake pops, candies, cookies, and more! In my opinion, it smells like sweet vanilla and its color is like that of a sweet butter cream. It smells really delicious and warm to me and the scent lasts for quite a while on your hands after application. It isn't an overwhelming vanilla scent, just a nice light scent that lingers. The sweet vanilla scent reminds me of these vanilla cookies I used to eat when I was little that I can no longer find. No worries though, as I've got some Girl Scout cookies on hand to enjoy as I type this review. They are Thin Mints, in case you are wondering, which are my favorite Girl Scout cookies. I like to freeze them before eating them (anyone else do this? ^^). If you love that sweet vanilla cookie scent, than this is a hand cream you should try!

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Pink Wish

Second is the Pink Wish! The pink lid and girly pink designs reminds me of the Etude House stores in South Korea. I love the designs for the windows and doors on the hand cream packaging, which creates a classy feel among the pink, princess like look. To me, the hand cream has a fruity floral scent that's more fruity than floral. It's tinted light pink to match the sweet fruity-floral scent. Like the Sweet Cookie, the scents lasts for a while after application, although it will eventually go away. The scent isn't really overwhelming, but not really light either. If you love fruity and floral scents, than definitely give this a try!

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Forever Rose

The third one is Forever Rose! The mint-green lid, pastel purple background, and rose designs reminds me of a forbidden rose garden that has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast-esque feeling to it. I especially love the designs on the lid, which adds a nice touch to the overall look. Its color combination is great and creates a fantasy feeling right off the bat. The cream has a pastel purple color as well, which fits in with the theme. The scent is purely rose and nothing else and it reminds me of the red roses in my garden. It smells lovely and like the others it lingers after application. Not that I would mind at all, since I like the scent a lot. If you love the red rose scent, than check out this hand cream!

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Ice Frozen

Last but certainly not least, the Ice Frozen! This is my favorite out of the 4. The blue lid, white gates, and reflective 'mirror' in the back reminds me of Snow White, Frozen, and Cinderella. It's like a mixture of the 3 in some way that takes out the peaceful, sweet, and cool feelings and combine them into this hand cream. Like the Forever Rose, it's got the same lid design which I love. The scent also lingers after application as well, but again, I don't mind it because I love this scent a lot. This scent was the hardest to decide out of the 4. It reminds me of a lot of things that I just couldn't put my finger on.  However, I think I would say that the scent reminds me of a mixture of violets, pink roses, and white roses. It smells sweet and fresh and while it can be tricky to tell what the scent really is, I think the mystery of it makes it fun. If you love a sweet mystery scent that's got hints of pink and white roses, as well as violets, than you should give this a try!

Final Thoughts: I love this My Castle Hand Cream set. Although its cute packaging was what prompted me to buy it, its sweet scents and nice formula are what's got me falling head over heels in love with it. I love how it feels when I apply it on my hands and their sweet, lingering scents gives it an relaxing feel. I wish Etude House or other brands would make more cute hand creams like these because I'd probably buy them all. I'd recommend these to anyone who love these scents and are not allergic to any of its ingredients. They'll make great gifts for family and friends, or even a nice treat to yourself! Plus they make cute table decorations and once I finish using them I can store small nic nacs in them.

Have you tried these Etude House My Castle Hand Creams?
What are your thoughts on them? Leave me a comment below and let me know~

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  1. fantastic review~ I would love the sweet cookie hand cream as I am a foodie! I also freeze my thin mints (is there any other way to eat them? haha) #kbeautybloghop

  2. I got the rose in a box from Memebox. It smelled divine! #kbeautybloghop

  3. These are adorable! I really want to try the cookie one now as I love sweet smelling hand creams. #kbeautybloghop

  4. So cute! I want them all

  5. These look so cute! I'm excited to hear that they also make a good hand cream, I may have to buy this set to go along with my "shoe" boys that are sitting on my vanity lol. #kbeautybloghop

  6. Etude House just do the best packaging. I bought the Sweet Cookie for my teenage daughter and she loves it. I like how they're cute but not overly girly. #kbeautybloghop

  7. i really like your review,it's really helpful! and these hand creams are super adorable and i bought the ice frozen one but i wish to try rest of these also.


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