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MD.aida Butter Cream Lip Mask Review

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask Review

Hey Lovelies!

Do you ever feel like your plagued by chapped lips even though you use your lip balm religiously? Has there ever been a time where you need to go somewhere for an event or date only to find that your lips are chapped and you hardly have any time to take care of it? Don't worry, you are not alone. I sometimes feel like I am cursed with chapped lips. No matter how much water I drink, how much fruits and vegetables I eat, or how often I use my lip balm, I still get chapped lips. So I am actively looking for lip masks/scrubs that works at removing the chapped skin and moisturizes my lips without being too harsh on them. Especially for the times when I only have minutes to take care of my chapped lips. This is where the MD.aida Butter Cream Lip Mask comes in. Once you learn about this mask, you just might fall in love with it like I did. Let's get started, shall we?

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask packaging

I got this MD.aida Butter Cream lip mask in my Sam Schuerman and Memebox collaboration box that I purchased last year and fell in love with it. Its packaging is like a origami piece, I love how unique it is. Once the package is opened, you come face to face with a tin container where the lip mask is stored. It looks just like most balms, but man, is it amazing. The only down side about this product was that most of the words on the packaging, including the ingredients, are in Korean. It took me a long time to translate it all, but I've finally done it. Google translate just doesn't do it justice, although I could have made an mistake on it too, I am human, but I did my best. You can find the information below.

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask

MD.aida Butter Cream Lip Mask
20ml, $13

Product Description: A soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes and adds moisture to the lips. It's formulated with a bio-active blend of organic walnut and Shea butter. This cream lip mask will nourish and smooth lips to prep it for smooth lip makeup application. Apply the product to dry lips and leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes. Use a tissue to wipe away mask to reveal plump lips.

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, macadamia seed oil. Shea butter, cetearyl alcohol, perfume, polysorbate 60, sorbitan sesquioleate, polyethylene, stearic acid, sorbitan olivate, cellulose, walnut shell flour, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, sodium acrylate/ sodium acryloyl taurate copolymer ildi methyl, phenoxyethanol, carbonly, triethanolamine, C13-14 isoparaffin, disodium dt, laureth -7.

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask close-up of the cream
The creamy lip mask inside its metal container.
My Thoughts:

As you can see in the picture above, this lip mask has a very thick creamy texture with little beads inside it. It smells like warm vanilla and cacao which smells like a nice chocolaty dessert to me and I can just sniff it forever. I started using it from one side and there's still plenty left. So even though the container looks small, it's got enough product to last a long time. What I love about this mask, is that a little goes a long way and there are plenty of ways to use it depending on what results you are trying to achieve.

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask blob on the back of hand
A blob of the creamy lip mask.
Although this MD.aida Butter Cream Lip Mask came with instructions, I don't really follow it. Let's be the rebels, shall we? I found that following the instructions doesn't do as a good job as my own instructions, it doesn't maximize the mask's full potentials. So, you might be wondering, how do I use it? There are 3 ways I like to use this mask and it all depends on the chappness on my lips, if I am in a hurry and if I am preparing it for plumpness.

Way #1 or as I like to call it the "Bye Bye Chapped Lips" method. This is a night/day 2 step method meaning I use the cream once before I go to bed and once after I wake up. This ensures that all the chapped skin on my lips are removed and my lips are very moisturized. It's not rough at all, which is another reason why I like it a lot. Here's how the procedure goes: after shower I'll apply a layer of the lip mask onto my lips and leave it on for a good minute. (If your lips are super chapped apply a thick layer, if not so chapped apply a thin layer.) Then I'll use my finger to massage the cream and beads on my lips, softly, for another minute before removing the cream mask with a tissue paper. Apply a thick layer of lip balm, then go to sleep. Next morning after I've washed my face I'll apply the creamy lip mask again, a little thicker than the previous night's. I'd usually be doing my normal morning skin care routine while I leave the lip mask on to save time. You can leave the mask on for anywhere between 1 minute to 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of your mask. Afterwards, massage again with your fingers and remove with tissue paper. This method should remove all the chapped skin off your lips and moisturize it in the process.

Way #2, also known as the "Ready and Go" method. This is for those mornings when you've woken up and realized your lips are a little chapped and your lip balms aren't fixing it. This won't work on super chapped lips, so if your lips are super chapped, which means they were also chapped the previous evening, than check out Method #1. Anyways, an easy fix for a light chapped lips is to apply a thick layer of this creamy lip mask onto your lips. Leave it on for a good minute before lightly massaging it with your fingers. After the massage, take a damp wash cloth and remove the lip mask gently in a circular motion. If you don't have time for a wash cloth, you can also use a lightly moistened paper towel. This should fix the light chapped lip issue and just apply lip balm after to keep the lips moisturized.

Way #3, the "Plump It Up In Here" method (sorry, been thinking about using that). This isn't really a method to fix chapped lips, although it might in the process. Aside from taking care of chapped lips, this lip mask also has plumping abilities for this lips, which is nice for people who want plump lips before lip makeup application. I generally don't really use this method because method 1 and 2 already does this in the process, but this is for people who want really plump lips. Scoop out a bit of the lip mask cream and either put it on the back of your hand on in a separate container. Add one drop of peppermint oil and mix the 2 together. Then, apply the mixture onto your lips. Peppermint oil has a calming effect on the nerves but when applied onto the lips it can give a light irritation to cause a slight plumping effect on the lips. After 2 to 3 minutes, remove the mask with a tissue paper and your lips should be nice and plump.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned here or ingredients contained in this lip mask, please do not use them!
M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask once spread out
Once the mask is spread, you can see there are a lot of tiny beads inside.
My Rating: ❤ ❤  ❤ ♡ 

Final Thoughts: Overall, I really love this MD.aida Butter Cream Lip Mask. It works great at treating my dry and chapped lips, plus it smells amazingly delicious. It lost a heart for a couple of small reasons. One, there was no English ingredient list on the packaging and I feel like a company trying to sell its product to the global market should be considerate of its customers and provide an ingredient list in English and other languages. Two, the instructions given by the company for the product doesn't really work well on really chapped lips. It barely helped with my not so chapped lips. Even though the mask itself can be very effective, when following different directions. And three, the container is not the easiest to open, not sure if it's just my particular container or not, but the lid will sometime get "stuck" and it takes a lot of work just to open it. However, looking past those minor issues, the cream lip mask itself really does do wonders and I like it a lot, which is why I am still using it despite small issues.

Unfortunately, I have not found an online store that sell the lip mask, so I will be looking for a new one once I am done with this one. If you know of a great lip mask/scrub, please recommend!

Have you tried this lip mask? How do you like it? Is there something similar you'd like to recommend?

Until next time!


Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me with my own money, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love this cream mask ~ I also have the scrub which is bright grapefruit scent! This is great stuff - and I swapped for several of these, so I am hoarding right now. I wonder if testerkorea could carry this if you requested it? great review (again!) #kbeautybloghop

    1. I think I'll try requesting from TK when I'm about to run out, although this one seems like it will last me quite a while. Mmm, the scrub sounds yummy too, I'll have to hunt it down in the future and try it! Thanks for the suggestion~ ^^

  2. I haven't used this one, but it looks very similar to the Tony Moly one I do have. I am also plagued with chapped lips, so items like this are a must-have for me. #kbeautybloghop


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