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Shop Asian Beauty Online: WishTrend

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Welcome back to the Shop Asian Beauty Online series (SABO). The beauty shop we will be talking about today is WishTrend! I came across WishTrend last year when I was looking to purchase a product that was featured in a Memebox, however, Memebox themselves did not sell it. Since the product was being sold on WishTrend, I became very interested in the site. Trying to purchase enough products to make it over the free shipping mark. After scouring WishTrend's website and discovering a lot of products from brands that were new to me, I was determined to learn more about them. Since I am always looking for new products to try for my routine so I can find my Holy Grail products; I figured adding another Asian beauty shop to my vast list would help me broaden my horizon and provide me with more chances to find my HG products. There's plenty to talk about, so let's get started!

Shop Asian Beauty Online: WishTrend

What Is WishTrend?

WishTrend is an online Korean beauty retail store that sells a wide range of beauty products, from skin care and makeup to body care and more. They experiments and discovers the best Korean beauty products then introduce them to their customers. They believe that if someone 'wishes' to be beautiful, they will be beautiful. WishTrend wants to help their customers discover the best beauty products for their skin. They do so by selling products that targets specific skin issue. They offer Youtube video tutorials and reviews on new products from unique brands that they have tried, loves and sell on their site. They share tips and tricks on how to use certain products to maximize their skin care benefits as well. WishTrend's mission is to help their customers be more beautiful.

**Special coupon codes at the end** What Do They Sell?

Unlike other online Asian beauty stores, WishTrend features a limited list of brands they've carefully picked and screened to ensure they are offering their customers the best quality of products. Some of the brands WishTrend features are Skin Factory, Cosrx, Ciracle, Klairs, Tosowoong, SkinMiso and more. You can find the full list of brands on the right top corner of WishTrend's website. WishTrend focuses on selling Korean beauty products and because of their specialty, their online shop always has the newest and most innovative products that are currently popular in South Korea. They also caters to men's and babies' needs as well, in terms of skin care and grooming.

Plus, they have a section on their website that features high quality products which targets specific skin issues, such as reducing acne, minimizing pores, vitamin care, anti-aging, skin brightening, dry skin care, and more. However, high quality doesn't mean it has to break your bank. WishTrend always offer reasonable prices on their products and periodically offers coupon codes, special events and special deals as well.

Sales and Special Offers

As mentioned above, WishTrend will often have special events, coupon codes, and special deals for their customers, these will be noted on the Online Asian Beauty Stores Coupons and Deals page on my blog. They offer a free shipping zone, where all the products shown on the page will be provided with free shipping. The free shipping zone is always available, and they are always adding new products to it. WishTrend also offers a sale page where all the products featured are on sale and you can save up to 70% of the product's original price.

Referral Program

Like many online Asian beauty store, they too offers an referral program. Where its members can receive benefits by referring someone using their link or referral code. For example, after person A has referred Person B with their link or code, person B will have a $5 voucher to which they can use on their WishTrend order. Once Person B has placed an order with WishTrend and it has been received, Person A will receive a $5 voucher from WishTrend. That is the benefits for the referral program. Of course, the more you refer, the more vouchers you will receive.


There are several shipping options for WishTrend. They offer free standard shipping for orders over $69 and free EMS shipping for orders over $129. Free shipping is also offered for products sold on their free shipping zone page. Estimated delivery time will be different depending on the shipment method and region you are located in. Their pre-shipping or processing time is 1 to 3 business days, after which they will sent out your parcel. For information on their shipping, delivery and customs, check out their detailed shipping page.

Customer Service

I've only heard the best about WishTrend's customer service. Having only experienced it once for something minor and it was a great and easy experience. The company gives off the feeling that they care a lot about their customers and would be on the forefront to fixing any issues. Although, 1 experience is not enough to judge whether their customer service is truly great or not, so far I have not read about any bad experiences. I will say that, even though my issue was minor, they responded to me within 24 hours, which is the fastest I've gotten when dealing with any online Asian beauty store. So, A+ for that!

My Thoughts and Experiences

First impression is the key, for me, when it comes to shopping at a store. Especially one that I am new to. Anything and everything they do will determine whether I'll be an returning customer or not. In this case, WishTrend did an amazing job and I will definitely be ordering more from them in the near future. I love their variety of products and high end brands that are hard to find anywhere else. I had purchased my first haul from them during their Black Friday sales and got such a great deal.

Like Memebox, they offer non-subscription beauty boxes from time to time, and they are called the Wish Box. Some of their boxes are on the pricey side but their boxes always include high end Korean brands and they often send out coupon codes in the email newsletters which you can use to save a ton. I will periodically update the SABO codes and deals page as well, so you can always check there to see if WishTrend has any new codes and deals.

What drew me to WishTrend was their Beauty Steals and Sol-Kits sections. The deals are amazing and so worth it. The beauty steals section is where I discovered my favorite 7 Second Morning Sheet, and it is the cheapest place I've found that sells them. It also has the much loved C20 vitamin serum that a lot of my fellow beauty bloggers have been praising about for the past couple of months. As for the Sol-Kit section, it features kits created to target and fix specific skin issues. Such as combating acne, deep cleansing care, brightening and vitamin care, pore care, anti-aging care, and much more. I had purchased the 10 week blackhead removal Sol-Kit in my first haul and I love it a lot. It seriously works great on removing blackheads on my nose and I use it when I am too lazy to use my Annie's Way Jelly Masks.

What's even better is that they offer tutorial and review videos through Youtube, which can help us international buyers who don't understand Korean to know exactly what and how we are suppose to use our products. Not only that, they also offer tips and tricks on DIY home beauty care, makeup tutorials and other lifestyle tips as well. Plus, periodically, they will have giveaways on their channel, so don't miss out on those!

Overall, I think WishTrend is a great place to discover unique and innovative brands of Korean beauty products that are hard to find or too pricey to buy else where. Since the products they sell are carefully chosen by their staff, they are sure to solve any skin issues. Their high end brands at reasonable prices are a great deal for their customers and if you don't know where to start, they offer online videos to help. Their referral program, gives back to their customers and their sales and coupons means there are always good deals. If you've been having skin issues and are looking for products to help, WishTrend's Sol-Kits are a great place to start.

**Now for the good part, the coupons that will help you save**
WISHMAR2015: get 10% off entire order over $55 USD (valid until end of March). It cannot be combined with any other discounts or voucher codes.
WISHGIFTMAR2015: Free gift with purchase when you use this code, valid on any order. You won't believe what the free gift is, I laughed so hard when I saw it. Anyways the free gift is called IPOO Smell Cover Oil in the scent of baby powder. I'm sure you can already guess by now what it is, (valid until end of March).
Free Shipping: No code necessary and only applies if you order at least one product from the free shipping zone. (E.g. you can order 1 product from the free shipping zone and 2 not from free shipping zone, your order will still have free shipping.)
*You can also enter my referral # 064924203 when you create your account as a new customer. You will receive a $5 off voucher! 

Alright, that's it for this week's SABO featuring WishTrend. I hope you will check them out~ 
Have you shopped at WishTrend before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

Until next time~


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