Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memebox Flower Hunt Mystery Products

Hey Dreamers and Creators, Helen and Michelle here!

We got our Flower Hunt mystery products from Memebox this morning. We were both excited and nervous about our products before we got them. Since they are mystery products, we had no idea what they were when we purchased them. Which meant the products we get could either be ones we are excited for or ones we don't like at all. Well, that's the risk you take when you buy mystery goodies.


There were 6 different kinds of flowers to be purchased, they were Waterlily, Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Peony, Stargazer Lily, and Dahlia. The Waterlily ones were already sold out when we decided to make our purchase, so we ended up getting 2 of each of the remaining 5 kinds. The total cost of these 10 flowers would have been $104, however, Memebox had a special 30% off coupon code, so we used that and ended up paying only $78.62 (includes tax and free shipping). Here's the break down for the flowers:

-Ranunculus: cost $4, mystery product worth $10
-Hydrangea: cost $22, mystery product worth $55
-Peony: cost $6, mystery product worth $15
-Stargazer Lily: cost $12, mystery product worth $30
-Dahlia: cost $8, mystery product worth $20
-Waterlily: cost $35, mystery product worth $100

Since we got 2 of each of the 5 flowers (no waterlily) the total value of our products should be $260. Let's dig in and see what we got and how much value we actually got!

goodies from our flower hunt mystery purchase

Our mailman showed up early today with our box and we opened it right away.  Below are the products we got in our box:

-Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 PA+2 (Meme Value: $16.80)
-It's Skin Babyface Mini Love Eyeshadow 04 Cacao Brown Shimmer (Meme Value of similar item in different color: $5.63)
-It's Skin Babyface Aqua Gel Tint 03 Orange (Meme Value: $9)
-Missha Near Skin Total Repairing Hydro Gel Mask (Meme Value: $5)
-Clio Waterproof pen Liner Kill Brown (Meme Value: $22)
-Skin79 Snail Nutrition Ampoule (not available on Memebox but found multiple prices online, average $37)
-Holika Holika Super Cara 04 Super Brown (Meme Value: $12)
-Holika Holika Naked Face Foundation Powder (Meme Value: $28)
-Lioele Dollish Ink Eyeliner 01 Black (Meme Value: $8)
-Clio VF21 Cushion CC SPF50+ PA+++ 01 Pink (not available on Memebox, found multiple prices online, average $19)
-Too Cool For School DinoPlatz Lost Identity 02 Lost in Hawaii (Meme Value: $17.99)

*We labeled Meme Value and other value for each product because some times you can get products on other websites for a price cheaper than Memebox, while other time, it might be more expensive than Memebox.*

The total value we received is $180.42. Not the $260 value promised but at least we got over the value we paid for.

As for usability, we honestly weren't expecting so many makeup products. We knew there would be some but out of the 11 items we got, only 2 were skin care products, so that make 9 makeup products.

At first look, we were okay with the products, but as we researched more, we got really excited for some of the products. The products we are especially excited for are the Clio VF21 Cushion, The Skin79 Snail Nutrition Ampoule, the Missha Near Skin Hydro Gel mask (cause Michelle loves her masks), and Holika Holika Naked Face Foundation powder. We think the TCFS lip crayon could either be a hit or miss because it looks so orange, even though it is suppose to come out as a peach color. The It's Skin eyeshadow will most likely be used and the Skin Food BB cream will be used as well, so they are okay. We got 2 eyeliners, neither of which we have tried before, so it will be fun to experiment. Finally, we have an orange gel tint, another potential hit or miss product because neither of us has tried full on orange lip products before.

Overall, it's not a bad lot of products. We are looking forward to test and review them all.

Do you like to take chances and order mystery products or would you rather choose what products you want to purchase?

Visit the Online Asian Beauty page for coupon codes and deals!

Until next time~

~Helen and Michelle

Disclaimer: These products were purchased by us with our own money, all opinions are honest and our own. 


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