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Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm Review

Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm Review

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Don't you just love products with unique packaging? Whether they be cute, chic, or simply just fabulous, it's always fun to collect them. I find myself being pulled towards products that have cute or chic packaging very often. However, I always try to think about it before pulling the trigger to purchase them because sometime they might be chic but not useful, or sometimes they might be cute but I might already have like a baijilion of it.

Still, there's one thing (well actually 2 things) I can't say no to when it comes to unique packaging. These would be lip balms and hand creams. In my opinion, you can never have too much of either and they both last for a really long time (shelf life wise). Today, I will be sharing with you all my review on the Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm in Berry. Isn't it just adorable? Read on to learn more!

Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm

Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm
6.5g, $9-$16, Berry

Product Description: Stored in a cute honey pot package, this lip balm has a jelly-honey like consistency. It's easy to apply and stays on nicely, leaving the lips looking glossy. The lush lip balm also comes with a tiny wooden applicator that looks like a honey dipper.

To Use: Take the applicator and scoop out a small amount, a little goes a long way for this lip balm. You can use the wooden applicator to apply the lip balm or put the scooped out lip balm on your finger then apply. The lip balm can be used on dry lips to moisten the lips and create a natural luster. Or it can be used over lipstick to add sheen. *Remember to clean the tiny honey dipper after each use.*


Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm packaging

Texture: The lip balm looks like jelly when you first open it. Once you take the dipper and dip it in, its got a jelly-honey like texture. It feels pretty nice on dry lips without leaving it sticky or anything. You can even apply a thick layer if you want.

Color: The color I got here is Berry. There are also 2 others which are Honey and Mandarin. This Berry lip balm might look cherry red, but the balm itself is more of a light pink. You'll see it in the swatch on the bottom of the post.

jelly-honey like lip balm

Scent: The Honey Pot Lip Balm has a very nice fruity, berry scent that's not overwhelming. Unfortunately, the lip balm does not taste fruity like how it smells. Actually, I would suggest you not lick your lips after you apply the lip balm because the taste is plastic like.

Packaging: Like mentioned before, the packaging of this lip balm resembles that of a honey pot. It even comes with a mini honey dipper, which is very cute. The top part of the honey pot also have this plastic holder (see picture above) that holds the honey dipper.

close up of the mini honey dipper

My Thoughts: Isn't this lip balm just the cutest thing? I know I will keep this as my vanity decoration even after I finish the product. It's actually a pretty small pot, but since it is a lip balm, it's kind of expected. I think the packaging has some nice details and the lid definitely scream Skin Food. The mini honey dipper can be a hassle to use because every time I use it I would need to sanitize it after. Which makes this lip balm a not so travel friendly one and it's one you should not stick into your purse. Still, I like to use the dipper to apply the lip balm because it feels nicer and I don't have to get my fingers dirty. I just keep a lot of mini sanitizing wipes near by to clean the dipper each time. Of course, if you don't want to use your dipper or your fingers, you can also opt for cotton swabs.

The berry lip balm also has a berry fruity scent that smells very nice. Unfortunately, the taste of this lip balm is nothing like its scent and I would suggest against licking your lips after you apply the lip balm. I can't say this is my favorite lip balm (it's far from it), and it's got a lot to be desired. However, it is moisturizing and the light pink color looks good on my already pigmented lips. A little also goes a long way for this lip balm and it's easy to apply; plus it's very smooth! I keep this lip balm on my study/work desk for at home uses only.

Honey Pot Lip Balm in Berry

-adorable packaging
-nice color
-sweet scent
-smooth formula
-easy to apply

-very basic lip balm properties
-taste horrible

lip balm has a light pink color with glossy finish

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Final Thoughts: Would I purchase this Skin Food Honey Pot Lip balm again in the future? That's debatable. My 'I'm a sucker for cute and chic products' side would say "yes" in a heartbeat because the packaging of this lip balm is just adorable. Plus, once the product is finished you can clean out the pot to store other small items. On the other hand, my 'realistic' side would say "no" because there are a lot of better lip balms out there in the world that do a lot more for the lips than this one. So, I'm not sure if I will purchase one in the future or not. I do think that if you like cute products, this should be on your to-buy list, it's just too adorable. I do enjoy using mine and actually use it almost everyday. Plus, I always love how it smells, now if only it would taste like that too.

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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me with my own money, all opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Great review! I was debating with myself about getting this for the packaging or if this balm is good by answer my question in every way, you gave a very complete and honest review, that I won't be purchasing this,maybe...( it is so damn cute! I am a suckered for this too)

    1. I'm glad it was helpful! I always get sucked in by cute packaging, some are just too cute not to have~ ^^


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