Friday, June 5, 2015

We Are Back!

Hey Dreamers and Creators, we are back!

We took a little us time and went on a much needed vacation. With our busy work, study, and blog schedules; we really needed some time off to just relax and explore. So that's exactly what we did these past two weeks. In case you were wondering where we went. Don't worry though, we didn't forget you guys, which is why we left a giveaway for you all in the time of our absence. If you haven't seen our Innisfree Giveaway yet, you should go check it out! You could win some amazing Innisfree goodies.

Anyways, we will share with you guys our experiences during our travel and some tips as well, so please look forward to that. We will also resume our normal postings with a couple of new blog series coming soon! Plus, we've updated our codes page with the latest freebies and discounts!

In any case, we hope you all have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend! P.S. it's National Donuts Day, and here's a list of some places where you can get a free donut!

Until next time~

Helen and Michelle


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