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Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask Review

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Like mother like daughter they say, and just like my mom some of my favorite skincare ingredients are honey and propolis. They might seem like common ingredients but there's nothing ordinary about them. Both ingredients are known for their antioxidant, antiviral, and antibiotic benefits. Plus, they are soothing and moisturizing ingredients that can bring out the skin's natural glow.

I have a few favorite honey & propolis products and you guys probably already know that my favorite wash-off mask contains both of these ingredients! Today, I want to share with you guys another product that contains propolis and that is this Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. Let's get to know it!

Cosrx Honey Overnight Mask Packaging

Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

Product Description: The Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask is the perfect multi-use mask to care for the skin. It can be used as a sleeping mask, or wash-off mask, or even as a facial moisturizer. The honey mask is formulated with more than 85% propolis extract and it has a gentle formula to soothe, nourish, and moisturize the skin. It'll transform tired/irritated skin into health and radiant skin.

To Use: When using this as an overnight mask, apply it as the last step of your night time skincare routine. Apply an adequate amount to the entire face, let it dry a bit so it won't smudge onto your pillow case, and get your beauty sleep on. If you are opting to use this as a wash-off mask, apply a good amount onto the face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Wash-off with lukewarm water and continue on with the rest of your skincare routine. Alternatively, you can also use this as a facial moisturizer.

inner plastic lid

Ingredients: Propolis Extract, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Betaine, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Arginine, Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract, Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, BeesWax, Allantoin, Panthenol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Adenosine.

Please Do Not use if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Mask is gel like in texture and yellow in color.

Packaging: The Cosrx honey sleeping mask comes in a simple white plastic container with a black twist-off lid. A plastic sticker with some information about the product is stuck onto it. (Be careful with the sticker because if it starts peeling there's no going back. I know from experience, mine has started to come off from one end.) The manufacturing and expiration dates can be found on the bottom of the container. The outer box packaging follows the white/ yellow-orange/ black color theme. It contains more information about the product, including a full ingredient list. When you open the mask container, you'll find an inner plastic lid. Removing that will reveal the honey mask.

Scent: There's over 85% of propolis extract in this mask and no additional fragrances were added to it, so I imagined it would smell more or less just like propolis extract. Except, I don't think I've ever smelled straight propolis, so I don't have anything to compare it to. To me, the mask has a sweet scent but not like those sweet honey scents found in my favorite honey mask. Instead it's more like a sweet, bees wax-ish but not quite gel like scent. It's rather hard to explain and I think it's one of those products you just have to smell it to know it but even then it's hard to put into words. The scent is a lot stronger inside the container than it is when applied onto the skin. I can't say I'm exactly a fan of the scent but it's light enough that I can work with it.

Color: As you can see in the picture above, the mask has this yellow color. It looks quite pigmented in the container, however, it's actually pretty light when you apply it. (See image below for reference.) The color is natural, due to the ingredients included. No colorants were added.

Texture: This Cosrx overnight mask has a gel like texture. It's light, easy to spread, and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does leave a slight film behind, which can be felt by touching it. However, it doesn't feel heavy or odd on the skin.

gel on back of hand

Michelle's Thoughts: There's something about applying a sleeping mask before bed that just makes me happy. Maybe it's because I know it's doing wonders on my skin or maybe it's because my inner lazy gal loves the fact that I can just sleep away and wake up to glowy and hydrated skin. Whatever is the case, I know I love sleeping masks that works well for my skin. Now I have another mask to add to that list.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the scent of this mask, which is my only issue with it, the scent is a lot lighter when the mask is applied as opposed to when it's sitting in the container. If it's as strong on the face as it is in the container, I think I would like it less. Anyways, the Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask's name is a little misleading. If you look at the ingredient list you'll see that honey isn't actually an ingredient in the list. This should be renamed the 'Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Propolis Overnight Mask' since propolis is the true star ingredient of this product. With over 85% of it in the mask, propolis extract's antioxidant, antiviral, and antibiotic benefits will surely do the skin some good.

Like all my products, I started with patch tests to make sure it won't irritate my skin. This mask passed with flying colors and I have been using it for the past 2 months. I like the gel texture of the mask, it's light but packs a moisturizing punch. When I want more moisture, I can apply multiple thin layers (or 1 slightly heavy layer) and when I don't need as much extra moisture I can apply less. When applied, the gel feels cooling and soothing on the skin. It doesn't take long to dry and I can go straight to sleep after that. When I wake up in the morning, my skin would look glowy, and feel soft, supple, and hydrated. Personally, I like to use this product as a sleeping mask but this Cosrx mask is also advertised as a moisturizer and wash-off mask. I did try it out as a moisturizer and it was okay. I still like it better as a sleeping mask but I would probably use it more as a night time moisturizer for the warmer seasons. It's light enough for my combo to oily skin but still adds the moisture needed. As for using it as a wash-off mask, I would advise against it. It seems like such a waste to wash-off a formula that could be worn all day. Plus, 15 minutes is not enough time for the mask to work its magic. Use it, but don't waste it!

Left side without sleeping mask, right side with sleeping mask.

-multi-use product
-easy to use

-not the best as a wash-off mask
-scent might not be pleasant for everyone

Michelle's Rating: ❤ ❤    

Finals Thoughts: I'm all about sleeping masks that works wonders for my skin and this mask fits the bill pretty nicely. The Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask is a nice moisturizing, soothing, and cooling mask. I like to use it as a sleeping mask and it leaves my skin soft, plump, and glowy.

Would I repurchase it in the future? Most likely. I like what this mask has to offer in terms of skincare benefits. It's good for my skin and I will keep using it. Do I think it's worth a try? Yes! This multi-use mask offers a lot of great skincare benefits, it's inexpensive, and easy to use. Plus, it uses natural ingredients and the benefits are noticeable after each use.

Have you tried this overnight mask from Cosrx? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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