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K-Beauty Expo 2017 Recap & Haul

K-Beauty Expo

Hey Dreamers and Creators!

It's been a while hasn't it? How have ya'll been? Hope everyone's having a fantastic new year so far! We have been quite busy the past couple of months with our personal lives and work, so we weren't able to write our usual full on posts as often as we'd like. However, we do try to update on Instagram, so if you follow us there you would have seen our new beauty loves, reviews, and more.

Today, we'd like to share our experience and haul from the K-Beauty Expo in Seoul, South Korea. This Recap is long overdue, since we attend the event back in October. However, because we wanted to share with you all the details about the event and some new brands/neat products we discovered, it took a lot longer to write & edit than expected. Let's start!

Intro to the K-Beauty Expo 

Michelle's pass to the event.
Michelle's pass to the event.
This was our first time attending the K-Beauty Expo (or any big beauty expo for that matter) and we had no idea what to expect. We did try to do some research before attending but aside from a few pictures of the venue and the information provided on the event's site, there wasn't much English information at all. So it was all a guessing game until we actually arrived at the event. We did, however, register online before attending the event and we recommend you do the same if you plan on attending. It saves a lot of time the day of and you won't have to pay anything if you register online. (If you register onsite, there is a 5,000 won charge or about $5.)

K-Beauty Boxes full of goodies!
K-Beauty Boxes full of goodies! (Although those there are probably empty.)
If you arrived early, you had a chance to get one of these K-Beauty Boxes (you could also win one of many different prizes through their giveaways). We only attended the event for 2 out of the 4 days and we had already planned different events for both mornings, so we weren't able to get the box. That's okay though, there's always next time.

A row of various brands in the K-Beauty Expo.
One of many rows in the Expo. 
The K-Beauty Expo was huge. There were more than 500 brands present with live events, the Ki Fitness Festival, and a beauty zone to try out almost all of the featured products. A small cafe and lounge area can also be found in the middle of the event and a boost zone on the side should you need to rest or need a pick me up.

Since there were so much to see and explore, we decided it would be easier to go row by row than to pick out brands to visit. We also split up half way so we can each focus on our own beauty interests. Our recommendation is to give yourself at least 2 days time to explore the event fully. Unless you only want to see the brands you already know and are only there for the deeply discounted products (we'll talk about that later).

The expo lobby had these cute stickers on the ground that showcased each brand and their booth number.
The expo lobby had these cute stickers on the ground that showcased each brand and their booth number.
If you can, go on both a week day and a weekend day. Week days have less people, understandably most people are probably working. This gives you plenty of time to browse and ask questions without the crowd. You can also try the high tech gadgets without the long wait times. Going on the weekend means you'll get to do all the events the brands are offering. These could be anywhere from social media events (like post this picture and get this mask), to claw machines, giveaways, etc.

Brands and Booths at the Expo

There were lots to see, after all over 500 brands were there. We realize we won't be able to share each brand individually, so if you see a brand you want to know more about let us know and we'll try and do a separate post on them. Below, we've grouped the brands into 3 categories. The first category features some brands we were familiar with before the event, the second shows some of the brands we discovered at the event, and the third shows the beauty techs and unexpected products we encountered at the event. We'll also share a bit about the brands that grabbed our attention the most at the expo.

brand we knew

First up are the brands we are quite familiar with. There're probably some names you recognize too, right?

SNP, Cosrx, and Lindsay Cosmetic were some of the brands on our to see list and we were happy to find them all at the expo. They all had amazing deals on their products too (from 30% to 50%+ off), so we naturally bought a lot from each brand (you'll see some of them in our haul picture later on). We are pretty darn familiar with both SNP and Cosrx, having tried both of their products before and knew what we wanted to stock up on or try. However, with Lindsay Cosmetic it was a different story. While we knew of the brand, we didn't really know too much about their products. After looking at their booth and speaking with the assistant, we ended up getting 2 of each of most of their masks. It helped a lot that most of them were up to 50% off, so we didn't have to break the bank. A note about Cosrx, if you want to get their good deals and stock up on your favorites definitely get there early or go in first two days. Once their products are sold out, they might not be able to restock.

Eleven Huesday's booth grabbed our attention too and although we haven't tried any of their products before, they were one of the brands we were hopping to see at the expo. While we had some language barriers with other booths, there was an English speaking assistant at Eleven Huesday and she was able to answer most of our questions. Still, with the lack of English ingredient lists, we were hesitant on picking a product. Lucky for us, the assistant was super awesome and gifted us their acne care serum and balancing toner to try.

brands new to us

There were a lot of brands we weren't familiar with and that wasn't a surprise. It only made the experience more exciting because that just meant more to learn and to explore. From makeup to skincare it was like the first doorway to K-beauty heaven and we were more than happy to check out the brands you don't see in most western K-beauty shops.

One of the brands we discovered at the Expo was Mimiang and of course it was a sheet mask brand because we are mask lovers! One of our goals for the expo was to look for sheet masks that doesn't contain alcohol. While not all of their masks were free of alcohol, most of them were and that was why we were interested. We ended up purchasing quite a few of their masks and their assistant was generous enough to gift us a few extra, so we can test out pretty much their entire line up.

Another mask brand that grabbed our attention was Anskin. Most of their products are modeling masks and unlike some brands, they offered large sizes for their modeling masks. So you don't always have to buy single uses. The brand was kind enough to gift us a few of their masks and we'll be sharing our reviews of those soon! We'll also compare them to the popular Lindsay masks and see what makes each of them stand out from the other.

beauty tech and more

Now, the beauty technology and wait what products you've all be waiting for. These aren't the only ones shown at the expo, but they were the ones that got our attention.

The most popular of the lot are those pink round disks you see at the top right. That booth had a line all day because everyone wanted to try them. The pink disks are reusable light therapy gadgets that claims to be able to reduce the signs of aging and improve skin elasticity.

Another popular gadget was the the Clreo-1. Although not as portable as the previous gadget, this one is pretty cool in its own right. This is the tell all gadget that can analyze your skin condition in 30 seconds and recommend products and treatments for your skin needs.

The top left corner features a pair of back masks. Yes, you read right, they are sheet masks for your back. We were instantly interested and you have to agree, those designs are pretty darn cute too. After all, you back needs some love too right?

Lastly, you've probably been staring at those tampon looking products at the bottom left huh? Rest assured those aren't tampons but they do have to do with that general area. Their packaging sure raises a lot of questions and after speaking with an assistant we learned that these are special moisturizers for your lady parts. Cause every part of you need some skin care love right?

Our Haul

Okay, now let's talk about the goods we got at the K-Beauty Expo.

part of our haul
Part of our haul.
We tried to squeeze as much products into the picture as possible, but we still missed some. This haul includes our own purchases, samples brands were handing out to everyone, a few gifts, and a few PR products for review purposes.

We haven't started to test most of these products yet because there are just so many products to test. Plus, we were testing other products. However, we have started to test a few of the modeling masks and sheet masks. So you can expect to see those reviews soon. Let us know if there's a product you'd like us to review first and we'll try to move those up our testing lists.

Alright, dreamers and creators! That's the end of this post. If you think we missed something or if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. We'll be happy to answer them.

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Until next time~

~Helen & Michelle

Disclaimer: This post features some PR products, for more information check out the full disclaimer.


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